Casserole are one of our most versatile items, being our own reflection of the ideal shallow pot, from ultra-thick 3.0mm Solid Copper to 5-Ply Stainless Steel, we ensure even heat distribution even under extreme industrial fire, finely hammered until the smallest edge, giving the product extreme hardness, with no dead angles thanks to round corners. These pots are good not only for braising but also searing and pot-roasting. You will get perfect results no matter what you cook in it. Offered in hammered & smooth.



Is there any more comfortable, practical staple in home cooking than the casserole? These layered dishes became ubiquitous in the Provencal region of France thousands of years ago. The name comes from old French and Latin terms cobbled together to mean ‘ladle’—the tool you use to serve yourself a heaping serving of delicious casserole!

However, in modernity, casseroles often have a connotation of scorched tastelessness. Is there a way to pay proper tribute to their history and also create a steaming, delicious, properly cooked dish? As it turns out, it may all come down to having the right cookware in your kitchen.


The word ‘casserole’ actually refers to both the pan itself as well as the food cooked inside it. A casserole dish serves as the midpoint between a utilitarian cooking tray and a serving bowl. As it’s meant to serve both worlds, casserole pans are often made of heat-conducting materials that also look good on your table—such as stoneware, ceramic, or glass. However, you should know that these materials may shatter when subjected to high heat or quick temperature changes! As the ultimate one-pot (or pan!) meal, casseroles have served as staples for years in many different cultures.


The very first casserole dishes were made from earthenware and, perhaps unsurprisingly, copper. Did you know that copper is the very first metal we have on record being formed into cookware? As early as 9000 years ago, people on earth were hammering this rosy metal into vessels to heat food. We’re still doing the same all these years later because of copper’s heat distributing qualities. You’ll rarely be able to burn anything in copper because it radiates heat all the way through its volume! For a perfect casserole every time, look no further than a copper casserole pans. An investment in one is an investment in delicious, economical comfort food for years to come.


Cooking Delicious Casseroles


To avoid the less savory connotations of casseroles and make yours more gourmet, there are a few simple strategies you can stick to in order to have delicious casseroles every time! Getting a good copper pan is a great start, but here are a few other tips:


  • Always oil your pan! If the lower crust of your casserole is stuck, that’s a frustration you can avoid with butter or oil easily.


  • Remember there are three parts to every good casserole: a base, an extender, and a binder. Good bases are cubed or shredded proteins or vegetables, extenders are carbohydrates like potatoes or pasta, and your binder will be a savory or creamy liquid.


  • Top your casserole with bread crumbs or cheese, and cook at least until that is golden brown to add texture and color to your dish!


With the right tools, you’ll find that casseroles can be gourmet, every time. Get a good pan, set up a great base for your dish, and get ready for the epitome of culinary comfort.


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