Copper Barware

Our barware collection includes products like the Soy Istanbul Shaker. Which from the extensive research that we have done, we do not think that any shaker comes close in quality and build, except the same shaker, if made from Pure Solid Silver, therefore surpassing this item in conductivity.


Copper Barware

Do you envision yourself at holiday parties and on the weekends effortlessly mixing up specialty drinks for you and your friends? Have you always watched bartenders whipping up cocktails with a secret sense of awe? All of this (and more!) is well within your reach. 


With premium bar tools and a little bit of practice, you can easily be just as awe-inspiring as your drink-mixing idols. Of course, there’s the added benefit that you’ll have a high-quality drink to enjoy. 


Mixology for the Masses

There’s massive interest in at-home specialty cocktails these days, and for good reason — with all of the accessibly-priced, high-quality barware on the market, anyone can be a top-tier mixologist from the comfort of their own home. As long as they have the right tools, a willingness to learn, and, of course, a vast supply of alcohol. 

Wondering what a good starter bar collection might include? Wonder no more. Here’s a definitive list of what a beginner at-home bartender needs to create delicious cocktails on-demand:


  • A Flask: While flasks may still be seen as old-school, they have certainly been making a comeback. No bar set is complete without this crucial element.


  • Mule and Beer Glasses: These glasses are made specifically for those who want to enjoy their favorite drink! Whether you prefer the taste of beer or love a Moscow Mule, these glasses can make the drink taste just that much better. 


  • Shot Glasses: Need we say more? Shot glasses can be used to measure out liquor if you don’t have a jigger. 


  • A Shaker: You’ve seen bartenders shake drinks and then pour them out, reserving the ice, in these shiny silver two-part shakers! Getting one of your own will seriously upgrade your cocktail game. These tools are used to properly mix drinks and ensure the perfect ratio of drinks, flavorings, and mixers. 


  • A Jigger: This hourglass-shaped tool allows for quick, accurate pours of your precious liquors. Leave eyeballing amounts of alcohol to the amateurs and make perfectly balanced drinks with this ubiquitous bar tool!


  • A Serving Tray: Presentation is key. What’s the point of mixing up quality drinks if you intend on serving them in red plastic cups by hand? Sharing your drinks with friends starts with a quality serving tray. Not only will you look the part of a professional, but it’s a lot easier to carry multiple drinks on a serving tray, especially if you are hosting a party. 


Go Beyond the Wine Glass

Everyone has a wine glass or two in their kitchen cabinets. Not many have proper crystalware, martini glasses, or whiskey tumblers! Every drink, and each different type of liquor, has differing properties that inspired their differently-shaped glasses. If you’re pouring all of your cocktails into pint glasses, you’re simply not getting everything out of your drinks that you could be!


Having the right kinds of glassware adds to the festivity of the occasion. An old-fashioned in a proper glass just tastes better! Additionally, getting the taste you want from your properly-mixed cocktails becomes easier when you have the right equipment. 

Impress your family and friends and make cocktail hour an economical yet artisan treat with gorgeous bar tools. Your evenings at home have never been so classy.


Choosing CopperSmith

Staging the perfect drinks party or solo drinking session starts with the tools on your person. So whether you’re a master entertainer or someone who wants to improve their drink-mixing skills, having a fully stocked bar should include all the right tools. You can trust CopperSmith products to help you find only the best products. Plus, orders over $200 ship free. Don’t miss out!


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