Chef Series

The Chef Series

For centuries, chefs have been cooking delicious meals in copper cookware. With a reputation for unparalleled performance, copper is still the top choice for Michelin-starred chefs around the world. CopperSmith is now bringing a new standard of quality to copper cookware for the serious home cook or professional chef.

The Chef Series line of copper kitchen cookware takes a brilliant collaboration of artisan craftsmanship, elite engineering, and culinary expertise to bring remarkable performance and unforgettable flavors to your kitchen.

Technical Excellence

The benefits of copper are clear. Of all non-noble metals, copper has the highest conductivity, guaranteeing fast and even heating with each use. Our cookware is coated with tin, allowing for a more natural, authentic cooking style for certain applications. It also keeps the products light for easy use in the kitchen. CopperSmith places a high premium on quality, and the Chef Series is lined with pure tin to preserve conductivity, while keeping users safe. The body of each piece is copper, with carbon steel handles for lightness, durability, and balance. Best of all, the handles—made in military factories, a nod to their durability—minimize heat and conductivity, offering the ultimate in safety and control.

Carefully Handmade

Machines make sleek products, but they’ll never replace the timeless appeal of artisanal craftsmanship. Each piece of our Chef Series copper kitchen cookware is hand-crafted by skilled coppersmiths for authentic style and guaranteed purity. The body of each pan is hand-spun to perfection by a master Turkish artisan. When combined, the copper and tin together form a base that’s over 2mm thick—and groomed for performance. Each pot, pan, and rondeau is finished with a hand-hammered carbon steel handle (with a lifetime warranty), placed with extra-thick white copper rivets—double the size and fitted with double the frequency of other brands. Every flavor combination, every savory bite, and every sweet finish will be amplified by the quality, thoughtfulness, and beauty of the Chef Series copper kitchen cookware. Perfect your favorite recipes or try new frontiers of culinary possibilities with our copper chef pots and pans that promise skill, precision, and style.