Bamboo Cutting Board



Bamboo Cutting Board

Whether you’re a lover of the culinary arts or there’s a special someone in your life who is passionate about cooking, a custom, made-to-order kitchen tool is the perfect addition to any home cook’s kitchen. Naturally, cutting boards are some of the more frequently used tools when it comes to cooking. The best cutting board provides a dependable surface for food prep, allowing you to slice meat and produce easily without having it move around on you. Additionally, it is immune to damage from sharp knives and easy to clean. While it’s not always easy to find a cutting board that meets these and your size requirements, this bamboo cutting board does all that and more. Measuring out to ½” in thickness and crafted from all-natural bamboo, this product is harder than the majority of other boards with a tensile strength that is similar to that of steel. The bamboo cutting board is highly resistant to scratches and nicks, making it the perfect surface for cutting, chopping, slicing, and everything in-between.

Not only is this cutting board highly functional and structurally sound, but it also has a natural finish, making it a handsome cooking accessory that adds style to any kitchen. Unlike cutting boards made from materials such as plastic, bamboo cutting boards are incredibly easy to clean so you never have to worry about cross-contamination when prepping multiple foods. Simply wash your bamboo cutting board with hot water and dish soap, rinsing it thoroughly, then dry its surface thoroughly with a towel and you’re good to go. The real advantage of this board is that it is made to order. In turn, you can have it cut to any size, ensuring it fits perfectly in your workspace prior to purchase. Designed for efficiency and priced for affordability, these are perfect for personal purchases and gifts. 


  • Crafted from ½” all-natural bamboo - one of the hardest, most dependable woods in the world
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Highly resistant to bacteria
  • Easy to clean using dish soap and hot water
  • Bamboo is fast-growing and widespread, making this an eco-friendly product
  • Highly durable for withstanding use with sharp knives
  • Won’t warp due to moisture
  • Protects knives more than most cutting board materials
  • Made-to-order so you can get the perfect size board for your workspace

Sustainable Choice

Made from natural materials, our products age beautifully and are a sustainable choice for the home.

Landfills are overflowing with products built from unsustainable materials. CopperSmith works extensively with recycled materials, and continually works to reduce the carbon footprint of it's operations.


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