Reasons To Buy Copper Vessel Sinks

Reasons to Buy Copper Vessel Sinks

You’ve heard about all the benefits of copper sinks, and you’re ready to buy one. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a vessel sink. It’s no surprise — these are some of the most eye-catching and attractive copper sinks you’ll find. They’re both a practical appliance and art at the same time.

But should you opt for a copper vessel sink? What are its advantages over a traditional sink? Here are some reasons to consider buying copper vessel sinks.

Copper Vessel Sink Pros

  • Space: Copper vessel sinks give you a feeling of more space. They are open sinks that allow you to have more counter space. If you’re going for an airy, spacious look in your bathroom, a copper vessel sink is often a great choice.
  • Style: It’s hard to imagine a bathroom sink more stylish than a copper vessel sink. It’s the very definition of retro chic! A bathroom sink that on one level looks as primitive as a wash basin that Native Americans might have used 500 years ago, and on another level, looks like it could anchor a bathroom of the future.
  • Installation: There’s no sink that’s easier to install than a vessel sink. There’s no need to cut a big hole in your countertop, like with a traditional drop-in sink, or add supports as you might need to do with a farmhouse sink. Just make sure you’ve got a 1 ¾-inch hole to access the sink drain, and you’re good to go!

Copper Vessel Sink Cons

There are some downsides to the copper vessel sink. For one, you may get more splashing than with a traditional sink. That being said, a faucet with an aerator can usually minimize splashing no matter what kind of sink you’re using.

You may also not relish having to clean a greater surface area, since, unlike a traditional sink, both the inside and the outside of the vessel sink is exposed. However, copper sinks are generally quite easy to clean, so this may not be too much of a problem.

Finally, a vessel sink may just take some getting used to. This is not your traditional sink, so the feeling of washing up in a bowl may be a bit odd at first. It’s certainly no more difficult than washing up in a standard sink, however, and may actually be more comfortable ergonomically.

We hope our reasons to buy copper vessel sinks helped you reach a decision. If you’re looking for a copper vessel sink, we’ve got plenty to choose from at CopperSmith! If you’ve decided to go with a traditional copper sink, we’ve got lots of those, too. Just take a look at all our options for copper kitchen sinks and get in touch with your selection. Remember — we offer free shipping on orders over $100, so order yours now! Contact us online, call us at 1-88-431-4677 or email us at

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