Quality Copper Tubs

Naturally Beautiful Copper Bathtubs

Copper Bath TubWhat could possibly be more beautiful in your bathroom than a fabulous Copper Bathtub? The look is elegant, old world charm that is sure to elevate the status of your bathroom to a luxurious and relaxing getaway. But don’t let looks fool you, they are also practical in that copper is Naturally Anti Bacterial and Maintenance Free. Copper tubs are even known to keep water warm longer than a traditional bathtub. World CopperSmith crafts artisan tubs in two distinct styles – each constructed out of sturdy 15 gauge copper.

Del Colbre™ Vintage Copper Bathtub

This vintage, Del Colbre™ copper tub blends form and function to bring you a fully functional, yet decorative bathtub. Don’t be afraid to step up to luxury right in your home bathroom. Copper tubs are naturally anti bacterial and maintenance free. It is perfectly suited for a large area with natural lighting or a secluded outdoor setting. Copper keeps water warm for a longer period of time.

World CopperSmith artisans construct this vintage copper bathtub from 15 Gauge, recycled copper. It is hand hammered for a truly unique look and includes drain. Size is 67” x 32” x 32”. This copper tub comes with a patina that will naturally continue to change over time.

Modern™ Copper Bathtub

Modern Copper BathtubOur Modern™ copper bathtub incorporates elegant curves and aged copper. The look is stunning and the feel is luxurious. Copper tubs have a traditional beauty that does not go out of style. Relax in warm, long lasting comfort in your own home. Being maintenance free luxury along with natural anti bacterial properties make copper a smart bathroom choice.

This modern style copper bathtub is constructed from 15 Gauge cold rolled copper. The size is 66” x 33” x 26” and it includes the drain. This copper tub will continue to evolve with a natural patina.

Anti Bacterial And Maintenance Free Copper Tubs

World CopperSmith is passionate about copper. Our artisans construct unique copper bathtubs using authentic techniques, great care and skill. We offer our gorgeous aged copper tubs in two distinct styles, the Modern Copper Bathtub and Vintage Copper Bathtub. Each bathtub is constructed of 15 gauge, high quality copper. With a naturally evolving patina, these copper bathtubs bring elegance and charm to a home.

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