How to Put a Copper Top on Your Table

How to Put a Copper Top on Your Table

Installing a copper top on your table is a great way to create a unique and dramatic eating space in your dining room or kitchen. No two copper-top tables look alike, thanks to the nature of copper and the patina that changes slowly over time. At CopperSmith, we carry many different shapes and sizes of copper tabletops to make it easy for you to convert your table into a beautiful, timeless copper table.

Start With Your Base

If you’re looking to upgrade your eating space with a copper tabletop, you need to start by choosing your base. In many cases, you can start with your existing base and only replace the top, or you may prefer to purchase a base that’s ready for a copper-top installation. There are three shapes of copper tabletops available at CopperSmith, so you need to consider which top shape goes best with your base:

  • Round tables are excellent for small spaces, as they allow for ease of movement thanks to their lack of corners.
  • Square tables are common in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and apartments, where space is at a premium but you want maximum table surface.
  • Rectangular tables with a copper top make an excellent visual anchor for any dining room and offer room for the whole family

If you have an existing table base, make a note of the shape and major dimensions – maximum base diameter for a round table or length and width for square and rectangular tables.

Pick Your Patina and Color

The next step is to decide which style of copper table you want that best suits the decor of your home. CopperSmith tabletops are available in a variety of copper styles, from light, polished patinas to deep, rich patinas. The beautiful, natural appearance of copper tends to marry well with many different materials – like wood, stone, granite, and plaster – so your choice in patina comes down to your personal style preference.

Choose Your Tabletop Size

Once you know the shape and size of your base and the patina you want, you can choose the size of a copper tabletop that best suits. We carry a broad range of sizes since we know every eating space is unique. We also encourage you to measure your dining room or kitchen to ensure there is enough room for your table and chairs, as well as space to move around the room.

You can click through our site and discovers dozens of different copper tabletops available for installation on your base. Note of your base size and make your selection, or contact us online or email us at and let our CopperSmith team help you make your choice.

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