Pros Of Buying Copper Tubs

The Pros of Buying Copper Bathtubs

When most people think bathtubs, they think ceramic, but copper bathtubs can offer many wonderful advantages:

1) The Style.

Walk into an average bathroom, and you expect to see a white ceramic tub. Well, if your home is anything but typical, you will want to express your unique sense of style. What better way than with a classic and stunning copper bathtub? Copper bathtubs come in traditional claw foot and hammered copper styles, as well as classic shapes and modern styles.

You can even opt for round tubs or work with CopperSmith to create a unique style in any shape you desire.

2) Bathing Comfort.

Since copper is a conductor of heat, it can help keep your bathwater at your perfect temperature for longer, allowing you to enjoy longer soaks at your perfect level of heat. As a heat conductor, copper also heats up easily, meaning your bath will run hot from the start, without you having to waste extra energy by adding more and more hot water.

3) Better Hygiene and Health.

Copper has natural antimicrobial properties, which means your copper tub can help promote healthful bathing. Copper is also mold- and bacteria-resistant, meaning it’s easier to keep clean while helping you avoid some of the common health hazards found in damp bathrooms.

Copper has also been found to reduce inflammation and thus joint and movement issues, which can happen with sports injuries, rheumatism, osteoporosis and other conditions. When you sit in a copper tub, your body also absorbs trace amounts of the mineral, which can be beneficial if you have too little copper in your diet.

4) Lots of Options.

Copper is one of the most malleable metals when it comes to tub materials, meaning it can offer more choices for customization and style. Also, copper can be used with a variety of finishes, meaning you have a very large selection of looks to choose from.

5) Wonderful Value and Durability.

Copper is corrosion-resistant, meaning it will look great for a long time. In fact, a copper tub is a great investment for your bathroom, because it will last much longer than tubs made out of different materials. Unlike bathtubs that will peel or crack, a copper tub will remain whole for many years and can even look better with time as the copper ages and changes color into a deeper hue.

6) Environmental Health.

Copper is recyclable, and this makes it a more sustainable option for your bathroom. Copper is a naturally occurring mineral that for strength may be reinforced with small amounts of zinc. It is a natural product and may require less pollution and processing when compared with human-made materials. If you want to go green for your bath, all-natural copper can be a great option.

If you want to transform your bathroom into something stylish, unique and stunning, check out the copper bathtubs at CopperSmith. Alternatively, contact us to talk about creating a personalized bathtub just for your unique bathroom. With a huge selection of quality copper bathtubs, accessories, and other products, CopperSmith has everything you need to transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven.

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