Our 15 Favorite Interior Design Hacks

our 15 favorite interior design hacks

Making a house feel more like your home doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune or take months of extensive DIY renovations. Check out our 15 favorite interior design hacks to effortlessly spruce up your living space with just a bit of time and creativity!

15. Refresh old table legs with acrylic paint.

Choose some acrylic spray paints in metallic or jewel-toned hues to transform worn-down furniture legs into cool statement pieces. You can use this easy trick to update your coffee table, dining room chairs, nightstand, or any piece of furniture that could use a little facelift. If you’re really looking to upgrade the look of a table, switching out a boring, standard top for a customizable copper table top could be a complete game changer!

14. Keep it light.

If your home feels a bit dark and drab, make the most of the light you have. Opt for pretty, sheer curtains to frame your windows, and place decorative mirrors across from windows. You can also place mirrors near lamps to radiate more light throughout the room.

13. Create instant beauty with marble contact paper.

Marble contact paper is an inexpensive, versatile replacement for the real deal. With a roll or two, you can add a touch of elegance to any of your existing surfaces, from your kitchen island to your bathroom vanity. 

12. Take advantage of awkward spaces.

No matter how perfectly a home is constructed, there are bound to be a few areas that look out of place to you. Perhaps there’s a shallow niche in your bedroom meant for a dresser that no longer exists, or maybe there’s a narrow, empty wall between your kitchen cabinets. These so-called “dead spaces” can become convenient storage spaces within an afternoon. Try hanging some shelves within a recessed wall or adding a pullout spice rack in your kitchen!

11. Don’t open a new door… repaint your old one!

Instead of buying a new door, simply give your current one a fresh coat of paint. If there are scratches or cracks in your door, a dark shade should perfectly conceal these imperfections while adding some lovely contrast to your interior. Or, if you don’t want to make such a dramatic change all at once, add a pop of hidden color by painting the side of your door. This trick also looks great on the sides of dresser drawers!

10. Add a little sparkle. 

Jazz up your lampshades by coating the inside with some metallic paper or glitter. When you turn on the light, it’ll give off a cool reflection and make your room feel a little more glamorous. It’s up to you whether you want to choose a color similar to the outside of your lampshade or one that provides a bold contrast to the rest of your decor.

9. Repurpose a ladder as a shoe rack.

This just might be the easiest design hack of them all! An old step ladder can be placed in the entryway as a no-brainer solution for storing shoes. You can leave it as is or add a fresh coat of paint, but it’ll look charming and rustic either way. Or, if you’d like to add more greenery to your space, a step ladder can provide a sturdy, vertical solution for displaying all your houseplants and succulents.

8. Fluff up your sofas.

Your beloved sofa may be comfortable, but it might be a bit saggy and worn out. To get rid of the human-shaped indent in your favorite recliner or couch, check if there are zippers on the back and seat cushions. If there are, simply add some additional stuffing to plump up those cushions to make them look full and new again. 

7. Create your own romantic canopy bed.

Pick up some pretty second-hand curtains (or make your own!), an embroidery hoop, some ribbon, and a pot-rack hook to create a cozy canopy for any bedroom. Use some vibrant, colorful curtains for a child’s bedroom, or use white gauzy curtains for an effortlessly romantic look for your own room.

6. Use teapots or tea cups as adorable planters.

If you have a cute teapot or a set of quirky tea cups that you never use, put them to work by repurposing them as little planters! The whimsical designs will add a splash of color to any room and make your home feel cozy and one-of-a-kind. If you don’t own a teapot, it’s well worth it to check out your local thrift stores to find an inexpensive hidden gem.

5. Search for convertible furniture.

Make the most out of a tight space by investing in furniture that can multitask. There are coffee tables with hidden storage compartments, convertible sofas that fold out into comfy beds, elegant ottomans with extra storage space, and other cute and practical items that can declutter your small room.

4. Make your own headboard.

If you don’t have a headboard, you can easily DIY one with some simple materials. A headboard adds a focal point to your bedroom, and there are countless sources of inspiration to get your creativity flowing. Behind your bed, you could paint the wall a bold color, hang a tapestry, flatten out a folding screen, repurpose scrap wood from an old project, or combine a few different ideas to make a beautiful, functional headboard.

3. Install a hideaway office.

No space for a home office? Consider getting a fold-out desk that you can neatly tuck back into the wall when your work is completed. “For tight quarters, consider a ship-style table that lifts up for use,” says Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick of Remodelista.

2. Save space by going vertical.

Instead of placing those adorable wicker baskets on the floor, adhere them to the wall for a makeshift linen closet in your bathroom. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your own stylish, curated storage space for toiletries and extra towels. 

1. Add a cozy window seat.

“Creating sitting areas by windows helps to create warmth and is a perfect way to utilize a space surrounded by natural light, says Kristin Gunnette of Atelier K. “You can achieve this through the use of window seats, grouped chairs, or chaises. There are many possibilities!” Add a small bookcase or shelves nearby to create the ultimate reading nook.

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