Mill Finish And Zinc Range Hoods




When you want to purchase a new mill finish range hood for your home, trust CopperSmith for a range of mill finish oven hood products. We offer mill finish oven hoods that are suitable for almost any kind of décor and kitchen size. Place your order online today and have your next range hood delivered right to your door in a few weeks. It’s the simplest way to get world-class range hoods at a competitive price.




We know that your oven hood has to reflect the uniqueness of your kitchen. That’s why you’ll find so many options when it comes to buying a mill finish oven hood with us:


Patina — The patina is the general shade of your range hood. Please remember that whenever you choose any kind of organic material, you can expect some variation in the shade of the patinas we offer. This is natural and to be expected, especially when dealing with a “living” material like copper. Over time, the patina may subtly evolve, adding a richness and warmth to the oven hood.Old mill on available in Smooth


Width and Height — If you’ve never bought a mill finish oven hood before, you’ll find that you need to precisely measure the space where your Premier Mill, Artisan Mill or Old Mill range hood will go. Alternately, if you’re replacing a current oven hood, simply take a measurement of that hood and use it to order your replacement.


Mount and Depth of Mount — Range hoods come in island mounts and wall mounts. Each type of mount requires a special depth. Again, you may want to contact a contractor to be sure you choose the appropriate mount depth for your kitchen needs.


Pot Rail — The pot rail of a range hood is the piece that goes around the bottom of the oven hood, and to which pots can be attached if desired. Pot rail styles for most mill finish range hoods include antique copper, brass, old coin copper, raw copper and stainless steel.


Straps and Rivets — While it isn’t necessary to add straps and rivets to a range hood, it can be a desired aesthetic element. Straps and rivets are typically offered in a material such as bronze or stainless steel.


CFM — Each type of range hood includes a CFM rating, which stands for the term “cubic feet per minute.” The higher the CFM, the more air is moved out of the kitchen space within a given amount of time. Your contractor should be able to help you determine the exact CFM to choose. Our customer service personnel can also assist with this or any other question you might have. Just call us at 888-431-4677.

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