How to Choose the Right Sink for Your Kitchen

How to Find The Right Sink For Your Kitchen Choosing the right sink for your kitchen

The right sink can make a big difference in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen, having an impact on everything from cleaning and meal preparation to overall aesthetic. But with so many options available today, it can be challenging to choose the sink that will work the best for your specific tastes and needs.

Here’s a breakdown of several popular sink styles and design components to help determine which are right for your kitchen.



  • Both trendy and traditional appeal
  • Exposed apron shows off sink’s natural material
  • Deep basin for washing large cookware
  • Extension from counter provides ergonomic benefits and keeps water from splashing on cabinetry

Perfect for: Any homeowner looking to add a unique design element to their kitchen, great for washing large cookware and complementing either trendy or traditional aesthetic.

copper farmhouse sink

The farmhouse style of sink – also often referred to as apron style – originally earned its name due to its traditional roots in farmhouse settings. Decades and centuries ago, these sinks were primarily used for their capacity to hold large volumes of water to be used in preparing food, washing dishes, and washing clothes – just about everything – and because their extended front prevented the user from having to lean strenuously over the sink when performing tasks.

Today, the farmhouse sink is mainly still used for the tasks of food prep and dishwashing, but its aesthetic appeal has caught on to make it a trendy addition to both traditional and modern kitchens. The exposure of the front of the sink – or apron – allows homeowners to show off the sink’s material, and there is now a wide range of finishes and custom designs that can be implemented to look and function wonderfully.

Apart from its visual appeal, the deeper basin of farmhouse sinks also helps in washing large pots and pans, while its extension from the counter prevents water from splashing onto the cabinetry under the sink.



  • Sits beneath countertop’s surface to provide a clean look
  • Seamless flow from countertop to sink
  • Frees up more counter space
  • Make it easier to keep countertop clean

Perfect for: A kitchen with limited counter space where ease of cleaning and overall budget are key concerns.

Copper Sink with Rack

Undermount sinks sit just beneath the countertop’s surface and provide both a cleaner look and function than a traditional drop-in sink. They also deliver a seamless, continuous flow from the countertop to the sink and free up more counter space. Undermount sinks are typically less expensive farmhouse sinks, although prices may vary depending on vendor.

With traditional drop-in sinks, food and debris can easily collect on the lip resting on top of the counter, which is rather unsightly. Undermount sinks do a better job of keeping food and residue in the sink, and also better lend themselves to countertop cleaning as crumbs and excess food can be wiped right into the sink rather than into the seam that can be an issue with drop-ins.

Single bowl


  • Doesn’t take up much counter space
  • More in-sink space than a double bowl of the same or similar size
  • Great for handwashing larger cookware

Perfect for: A kitchen with limited counter space and fairly basic cooking and cleaning needs.

A single bowl sink is much what it sounds like – a single basin structure that works well in small spaces because it doesn’t take up as much counter space as a larger alternative. Single bowls also typically offer more in-sink space, as there’s no divider like there is in a double bowl sink, making it useful in handwashing larger pots and pans.

Double bowl


  • Great for handwashing dishes – soak in one basin, rinse in the other
  • Essentially provides a second sink for busy kitchens
  • Available in many different size configurations

Perfect for: A kitchen with more demanding cooking and cleaning needs where counter space is not an issue.

Double Bowl Copper Sink

A double bowl sink is made up of two basins separated by a divider. This style became popular when dishwashing by hand was more common, as people could soak dishes in one half and rinse in the other. Of course, double bowl sinks still work very well in this regard.

When both bowls of a double bowl sink are large and spacious, it can be extremely useful when there’s a lot going on in the kitchen as it’s essentially like having two sinks. This variety now comes in many different styles and configurations (e.g. with one bowl smaller and shallower than the other), and finding a unique style that works well for your kitchen should be more than doable.



  • Can be built into almost any sink
  • Added utility with the help of many features within the same sink unit
  • Can make food prep and clean up easier and more efficient

Perfect for: A kitchen where food prep and cleanup are more complex and often occur simultaneously.

Both farmhouse and undermount sinks in both single and double bowl variations can also be made to feature a workstation, which is a built-in element or series of elements that includes cutting boards, dish racks, strainers, etc.

The goal of workstation sinks is to maximize the usability of your space, allowing you to dry dishes, wash food, defrost and cut meat, and more, all within the same sink unit. This can make food prep far more efficient and easier to clean up afterward.

Rather than wetting a rag and wiping down the counter as you would normally after a meal, you can now run water right from the sink into the workstation and have it run directly into the drain. With many different styles and finishes available, you can find a workstation sink that will suit the appearance and functionality you’re looking for.

Textures and finishes

While structure and function are extremely important when choosing your sink, the physical appearance is also crucial in achieving your dream kitchen. Many modern sinks today come in a wide variety of textures (hammered, smooth) and finishes (stainless steel, antique copper, bronze, new penny, rose, and more) to best suit your tastes.

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