How To Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen – Part 1

Copper Range Hood

CopperSmith is dedicated to providing quality home products that are constructed of high-grade copper, to enhance daily life. We are passionate about providing only the best copper home products from design to installation. Above all, at CopperSmith we are client focused and want you to have the best fit for your home. Please read below when considering having a range hood installed in your kitchen.

Important Information On Range Hoods

Range hoods keep your kitchen smelling fresh. They come in different styles, and there are many aspects to be considered when buying one for your kitchen. The aim of this article is to provide you with some essential information about a range hood so that you are in a position to make the right choice.

Range Hood Exhaust Options:

When it comes to the exhaust, you have three options:

  1. Vented Exhaust or Ducted Exhaust: The range hood can be connected to a duct in such a way that the irritants are exhausted outside the building. If the range hood is mounted on an exterior wall, you need only the shorter ducting, and it will be efficient. On the other hand, if the range hood is mounted on an interior wall or an island, the ducting required will be longer, and you may have to use a fan to drive the air out. Never duct the exhaust to a basement or an attic.
  2. Duct-Free, Non-vented or Re-circulated: In this case, the air is passed through a filter consisting of charcoal. The filter traps irritants, and the clean air is re-circulated back into the kitchen. No ducting is required in this case, but the filter has to be changed every few months so as to maintain the efficiency of the range hood.
  3. Convertible Range Hoods: The convertible exhaust option enables you to enjoy the benefits of both ducted and duct-free arrangement.

Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

You can choose from a wide variety of range hoods as given below:

  • Under Cabinet Range Hoods: Attached to the bottom side of the cabinet provided above your range. These range hoods are available in several different styles as well as strengths. They can be of ducted or non-ducted design.
  • Chimney Range Hoods: Attached to the wall as they have a flue that runs up to the ceiling. If a cabinet has been provided above the range, it may have to be removed to fit this type of range hood. Chimney range hoods come in different styles and can be of ducted or non-ducted design.
  • Pro Range Hoods: May resemble undercabinet range hoods but are slightly bigger and more powerful. This type of range hood is good for people who do a lot of cooking and prefer the appearance of a larger range hood. They come in both ducted and non-ducted designs.
  • Island Range Hoods: You can make use of island range hoods when it is not possible to fix the hood to an exterior wall. It hangs from the ceiling and most often uses a retractable device for sucking in air. The exhaust ducts are set below the floor level. The ability to retract and their sleek appearance make island range hood models more appealing. These range hoods are best suited when you have a range hood on an island.
  • Downdraft Range Hoods: Remain hidden but need to be pulled out when you need to draw steam as well as smoke across the range horizontally. These range hoods are also used popularly for island applications. You can opt for this range hood if you prefer not to have a hanging range hood. Downdraft range hoods cannot be used for ovens.
  • Power Packs / Inserts: Are range hoods that remain hidden. These range hoods are built into the cabinetry above a cooking range.

Look for our next blog for more about choosing the best range hood. If you have any questions or would like a copper range hood, please call us at 1-888-431-4677!

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