How Is Copper Hammered?

How Is Copper Hammered?

Copper items look beautiful and fit in with almost any décor. A gorgeous copper kitchen sink, bathtub or tabletop is an item you’ll love to look at and share with friends and family year after year. But of course, copper doesn’t start out in the shape of a sink or a bathtub. How does copper end up in all the beautiful shapes that decorate your home?

Shaping Copper

Copper is shaped by a simple process known as hammering. Of course, anyone can hammer copper, but it takes a true craftsman to create the kind of beautiful shapes and designs that make up the copper tubs and sinks that adorn so many elegant homes. The coppersmith starts with a sheet of copper he knows will be big enough for the job. He must choose a sheet thin enough that he can work with it but thick enough that the end will result in a functional copper product.

The smith will usually then put on protective gear, such as gloves and eyeware, and hammer the sheet onto a piece of plywood by putting nails at the ends of the sheet. The smith places a towel over the part of the copper he is about to hammer and uses a ball peen hammer to create the indentations. He hammers softly, letting the weight of the hammer create indentations in the copper. The smith hammers the sheet with a variety of forces and patterns until he achieves the desired result.

Copper Products

If you’ve ever tried hammering copper yourself, you know that it can be a long, arduous process. While you may be happy with the results, without years of experience, it may be difficult to get exactly the look you’re hoping for. Fortunately, CopperSmith has access to those highly trained craftsman and can offer you some of the most beautiful copper products you’re likely to find anywhere.

CopperSmith has the largest collection of copper products, including painstakingly crafted and uniquely designed tubs, sinks, range hoods and cookware, as well as decorative items like lighting fixtures, floor tiles, backsplash murals, knobs and pulls and a lot more.

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