Hand Made Range Hoods

Why are Hand Made Range Hoods so popular?

For the homeowner who loves style, decor, and unique pieces in their home, hand made custom range hoods are the ideal finish to any kitchen space and design you have in mind. In fact, these hand made decorative kitchen hoods have become extremely popular in recent years, for many reasons. The design element, the custom finishes, the ability to have them custom fit so they aren’t too large or small, and the high levels of customization they afford to the homeowner, are some of the reasons they are ordered in high volumes. 

They are custom fit – 

Having a fabricated hood placed in your kitchen will sometimes look awkward. If they are too large, if the color don’t match, if the material doesn’t work with the decor, all of these things will lead to the hood looking out of place. When you have a custom range hood made, this is not the case. You will have a company come to your home, and professionally measure the space where they will install the new decorative kitchen hood. Therefore, there is no fear of it being too large or small, or not fitting into a tight space. By having the space professionally measured, these possible issues are eliminated. 

You have many material options – 

If you like zinc or copper, these are materials you can choose. Those who want something a bit more affordable may go with stainless steel or pewter. Regardless of the ornate details, the design features, the texture, or the color scheme you have in mind, you can choose from one of many different material options, when having a custom range hood fitted in your kitchen. With more options, and with more freedom to select the color scheme , your kitchen will eventually look how you want it to look, and will perfectly match the different design elements you have in place. 

Detailed finishes – 

When you hire a professional to install these custom range hoods, they will do custom work to fit the space you are installing it into. Some of the design features they can add includes: 
– Cutout or die cast decor accent pieces to the decorative kitchen hood.
– They can bronze the materials or stain them, in order for the new custom range hood to really stand out.
– The company can install new matching counter tops, to create a uniform space. 
You have more options, and when you work with a professional that knows what they are doing, the kitchen will look exactly as you want it to once they are finished installing your new hand made decorative kitchen hood in the space.

You have a unique piece 

No two hand made decorative kitchen hoods, like this 48″ copper range hood, are going to look the same. If you are someone that loves customization, wants to be unique, and would like to have a one of a king piece, this is the perfect solution when installing new range hood. Because the company comes to your home, measures the space, discusses design and dimensions, and works with you personally, you can be rest assured the piece they are making for your home is truly unique. 

The simple fact that it is hand made, and not mass produced by a machine, is going to make your new decorative kitchen hood a unique and distinct one. It is going to fit well into the space, as it is being specifically designed for your kitchen space. So, you know it is going to go well, it is going to match the decor and style, and it is going to be the only one of its kind, when you choose to have these custom pieces ordered, rather than purchased from a mass producing company which makes kitchen hoods. 

Damage free 

Since you are hiring a company to custom create your new range hood, there is no need to worry about whether or not it is the right piece upon delivery. Sometimes when you order from a catalog or local retailer, the date of delivery the wrong item arrives at your home. With the custom made pieces, this is not something you will have to worry about. The piece is specifically made for you, meaning there will be no issues with the wrong delivery, with the wrong design or color, or other common problems you deal with when you order from a mass merchant. 

Since there is one single piece, and it is custom developed for you, you can be rest assured you will receive what you ordered. And, because it has been custom measured and designed, you do not have to worry about it being dented or damaged upon arrival, as the piece is going to be custom fit into the space you are installing the new hood. 

Competitive pricing 

When ordering custom hand made range hoods, you will pay more because it is hand made and custom made, but at the same time you will find the pricing to be competitive, as companies are going to bid for your business. Since you can hire one of many companies to build your new hood, you should get various quotes prior to deciding on the one to hire, and the company who will eventually install the new hood. Doing this not only ensures you are working with the most skilled and the company that will develop exactly what you want, but also that you are going to pay the lowest price possible, for the new piece they are going to design and deliver for you in your kitchen space. 

When possible, having custom made kitchen pieces is something every homeowner should consider doing. Because of their appeal, high quality, material selection, and specific design features, these custom range hoods have become a popular option in homes in recent years. Further, the high quality material, and the fact that they are readily accessible, also makes them a popular choice for many homeowners today. 

So, if you want something unique, a great looking piece, and a new range hood which is going to stand out in your kitchen, a new custom made range hood is a good option to consider installing in your home.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy