Spaces To Use Copper Tables

Great Spaces to Use Copper Tables

Copper tables offer a rich, metallic tone and a timeless look and durability, making them a favorite with designers. Tables made from copper are also extremely flexible since they can be styled traditionally or in modern designs, meaning they work with both contemporary and classic furniture styles. In fact, you can make these tables work in a variety of settings:

1) As a bedside table. The stylish glint of copper looks spectacular next to a bed and can easily blend in with any bedroom décor or any bed linen choices. If you have chosen simple bedding in white or solid colors, a copper table will not only look great but will also add some glow and color.

2) As a coffee table in the living room. Coffee tables can take a lot of abuse, and copper can stand up to it. A copper table will look great, even after many parties, movie nights and lots of entertaining. It will look fabulous next to oversized leather sofas, soft fabric armchairs and anything in between.

3) In the kitchen and dining room. Copper gleams as a surface for a dining table, breakfast nook or kitchen table. It’s a solid surface that’s easy to wipe off and so attractive you won’t have to reach for a tablecloth. Whether you’re trying for a formal or rustic look, copper will make it happen.

4) As a vanity. Vanity tables often require bright lights to ensure correct makeup application. A copper table can reflect some of the light and create a soft glow while also creating a Hollywood-glamor surface that’s easy to clean up. Right now, mirrored vanity and makeup tables are popular, but copper vanities can be more flattering, timeless, unique and durable.

5) Hallways. Side tables in halls look terrific in copper. Often used to hold plants or keys, it’s easy to overlook these pieces of décor. With a little hint of copper, however, side tables and hall tables catch the light and pull the whole room together.

6) Bathrooms. A copper bathroom table to hold your toiletries looks stunning next to a copper tub or claw-foot tub. It’s the perfect way to add a little elegance to your home.

7) Library or home office. If you’d like a bit more classic sophistication to your workspace or library, a copper table holding glasses, tumblers or books looks beautiful. Depending on the styling, it can offer a stylish masculine touch or a softer look.

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