Double Bowl Copper Sinks


Copper Sink Consideration: Farmhouse Sinks

Every custom copper purchase starts with an appreciation of the art, skill, and passion that a coppersmith puts into each piece. Unique hammer textures, flame color techniques, and design patterns are passed down from generation to generation. That is why your will find different and unique designs among farmhouse sinks and other items while browsing our collection.

How thick is your copper sink?

The sheet thickness your coppersmith works with is a major factor in addition to skill level. Since all sinks are hand pounded there will be inconsistencies throughout the piece that add character and uniqueness. If the sheet is too thin, you will run the risk of having a low-quality item with areas far too weak that can allow for easy denting, collapse and waves.

Thicker sheets lead to higher quality.

When you start with a thick sheet of copper, it will take longer to work with, and you will have a slightly increased cost of materials. Realistically the costs associated with buying a quality copper sink versus a budget sinkĀ is not much higher. The result is something that will last and will be built reliably from the start.

Handmade allows for customization.

Since every copper sink is handmade, it is very cost effective to incorporate custom designs, motifs, and patinas (colors). You can email us a sketch or design you are interested in, and we can replicate it. Many customers choose a plainer but rustic look.

The size of your sink is important.

The size of your farmhouse sink is something you want to pay close attention too. Many people choose a sink that is too small. It is common in the marketplace to see a great advertised price on a farmhouse sink but in reality it is too small for practical use. Make sure you are comparing the size of the sink you are looking for with the size of your current sink. Single, double and triple bowl farmhouse sinks are all accessible. What is right for you depends on the look you are trying to achieve, combined with your kitchen functionality needs.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy