Custom Steel Hoods

Custom Steel Range hood

Custom Stainless Steel Range Hood 

Range hoods are a popular appliance in most modern kitchens. While the traditional form of this hood has remained relatively the same, the technology has advanced, leading to the rolling out of more effective and sophisticated forms. The most important role of this appliance is to remove grease, dust, smoke and musty hair from the kitchen, delivering it outside. Society has become more mindful of its own health hence most homes currently have custom stainless steel hoods that have undergone customization to increase efficiency. Environmental concerns have also led people to adopt eco-friendly ways of doing things in the homestead (hence the increasing popularity of eco-friendly appliances), while at the same time retaining their preferences.

The benefits of stainless steel range hoods, and why they are so popular:

Heat management

You need heat in your cooking. Steel is very good at handling and distributing heat. Therefore, the range hood protects you from the direct heat produced while cooking by shielding you and sucking it up its ends. Once the appliance sucks up the heat, it works towards cooling off the area around you as well as other parts of the kitchen to avoid damage due to overheating

Protection of health

When you are cooking, you risk exposure to different kinds of gases and dangerous allergens. These include the gaseous by-products of the heating process. Grease and other irritants abound in many places around the house. When you lack this type of range hood in your home, then other household members around you are sitting on a ticking time bomb because you have no protection. Most people have realized this critical aspect hence the increasing demand of the appliance.


Some of the best designs of the range hood come in steel. The best items in the current market provide an option for increased lighting, which helps to illuminate your kitchen with an enchanting glow. Experimenting with the various models will show you an amazing array of lighting effects as well as LCD displays that point you in the right direction when you are stuck in usage. The technologies vary as you move up the range of available models. These features show a sophistication and experimentation that comes along with good effects that are not only very efficient and practical, but also pleasing in aesthetics. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and for most consumers of range hoods, having something that works and adds beauty and personality to the place sounds like a good idea.


Steel range hoods have a design that ensures the least littering possible. By sucking up all kinds of grease, dust and irritants in the kitchen, they enhance hygiene and reduce the effort you have to expend in cleaning. You will not have to wipe soot all over your kitchen windows sills, curtains or even the walls. Cabinets are another delicate and time-involving part of the kitchen to clean because soot somehow finds its way into the hinges and dust gets in tight places that could take an eternity to reach. People have discovered that they can avoid all this hassle by resorting to range hoods.

Range hoods blend in as an aspect of design

Stainless steel range hoods are a lot more than just another electrical appliance. Most modern kitchen designs go beyond being useful. They tastefully fit into the design of your kitchen and look quite natural. The benefits of stainless steel in this layout is that it becomes a part of your kitchen and abolishes the need for remodeling. In addition, there are options for customization, where you can choose the dimensions, color and style of your appliance by looking at the overall layout of the kitchen and building around it. Due to this flexibility and diversity, this kind of hood has become an attractive prospect for homeowners and kitchen design enthusiasts.

Hiking the resale value of a house

Real estate professionals believe that the kitchen can make a difference between a botched or successful sale. When you have these types of range hoods, your home is usually neat in very many ways. Your floor remains new and the flawless appeal of the windowsills and the whole kitchen in general becomes evident. All these factors will lead to a good value of the home when you intend to sell out. In addition, quality hoods will give you a strong bargaining front when you work the kitchen and its features into the conversation. Most buyers believe that if a home does not have the ideal kitchen with the correct appliances, then it is not even worth a second look. One of these appliances is the range hood.

Comfortable cooking

Most people with a passion for the kitchen love to cook. The problem with cooking is that there is heat and so many smells haranguing you. As a result, most people tend to cook fast in order to exit the kitchen. This is not a good sign. If you rush the cooking, then the quality dwindles. If you are cooking at a commercial event, then this is not good for business because the clients will get bored, leave the food untouched and take with them many negative feelings about your service. Food industries have realized this. For the cook to do a good job, then he or she must be comfortable in the kitchen. These hoods suck up the heat, the dust, the irritants and other allergens in such a way that the kitchen feels natural and cooking does not feel like an arduous task. Under these circumstances, the food is certainly going to be much better.


Most people like to experiment with cooking ideas. Supposing you had a nice meal at a party somewhere, would you not want to try the same meal at your home? If this is so, then you cannot try out some of these recipes in a smelly, dingy and hot kitchen. The hood has become popular because due to its efficiency, people feel free and comfortable enough in the kitchen to experiment with different recipes. It makes sense too, and this is because you are only able to stretch your creativity when all the conditions align themselves right.

Benefits of a custom stainless steel range hood

Saving on cost

Remodeling a kitchen is expensive. So is repainting and fixing the cabinets. You certainly do not want to be doing this on a regular basis. If you do not take care of your kitchen, you will end up making unnecessary plans for an expenditure that you could have avoided by looking around for the right hood. When you have the correct one, there is very little dirt left in the kitchen after cooking. As a result, you will not have to spend on repairs to fix cabinets or painting jobs that end up giving your wallet a serious hit.

Saving on time

Cleaning a kitchen is certainly a hectic chore. You have to reach high into shelves. You have to probe inside cabinets and you have to spend a whole lot of time and energy while at it. Custom stainless steel range hoods save you from all this hassle. As indicated earlier, these appliances leave your kitchen as clean as possible such that all you have to do is go over a few parts of the kitchen that have become dirty over time. For those with hoods, cleaning the kitchen does not feel like the backbreaking work it once used to be.


You do not have to walk into a market and pick any kind of hood just because it is the only one available at that point. You can actually have a range hood designed to match the specifics of your kitchen perfectly. This is very fitting, as most kitchens are different in terms of design and size. Custom range hoods give you choices. They are not rigid. You do not have to remodel your kitchen to be able to fit into particular market specifications. The problem with traditional hoods is that they used to be too rigid. As a result, you would find huge hoods in kitchens that were too small, as they would eat up into the available space. Some kitchens would have hoods that simply did not fit in with the other design elements from an onlooker’s point of view. Nowadays, you can create ideas for the type you want. You can then go into the appliances market with a clear picture of what you need and where you want it to fit.


We all go into great pains to ensure that the kitchen looks beautiful. The modern kitchen has a very different concept from its traditional counterparts. In the past, people used to go to the kitchen to cook only. Nowadays, perceptions have changed. We spend more and more time in our kitchens. You probably entertain your friends in your kitchen .You carry out cooking classes in your kitchen. Household members currently feel more at ease in the kitchen than they have ever done in the past. Looking at it from that particular angle, nobody wants to spend time in a dark, smelly cubbyhole that passes for a kitchen. Hoods eliminate all the negative aspects of a kitchen. With a custom-made version of the appliance, you have an impressive looking kitchen that you, your family and friends find appealing.

Healthy environment

Your kitchen needs to be one of the cleanest areas in your home and this is attributable to its sensitive role. You cannot claim to have cooked a clean meal when the kitchen from which you made the meal is dirty and poorly aerated. Remember, lack of aeration and dirt in the kitchen results in the likelihood of contracting all manner of diseases. By ensuring cleanliness, custom-made range hoods keep you healthy and free from diseases.

Facts on custom range hoods

Hoods have been with humankind for decades in one way or the other. However, changes in automation technologies have brought about new models in the market that factor in space, design and energy consumption. In the past, human beings were less aware of environmental pollution but currently, everybody is looking for eco-friendliness in most of the things they buy.

There are different installation types for these appliances. An island or ceiling hood requires you to install them on the ceiling. You can go with this if your cook range is on a peninsula. Note that this method is a bit complex and will require a professional contractor to carry out. Wall ranges are simpler to install. They occupy the space directly above the cooking range but their installation point is along the wall. This type of installation requires some space and distance from the cabinets. Wall range hoods also mean that you cannot have additional cabinets or even a microwave atop the range. However, the level of ventilation you achieve is worth the sacrifice of space.

The final and arguably the cheapest installations are under carriage hoods as well as microwave and range hood combinations (‘micro hoods’) .Though inexpensive, these options have the distinct disadvantage of being too small to be able to function efficiently. Keep in mind that a good hood should have a large enough capture area to suck the air, dust and irritants in your kitchen before they diffuse all over the place.

With all the information provided above, you can clearly improve the efficiency of your kitchen, and at the end of the day, this is what most of us want. There is absolutely no need for you to compromise on quality when you can find something that is adaptable and durable for your kitchen. The truth is that when you compromise on quality, you always end up paying more, especially in terms of repairs and maintenance. You can avoid all these hustles by simply acquiring a custom stainless steel range hood. You will come to see that it was definitely worth it. This is something that most homeowners and even experts will tell you. So save yourself the trouble and just go with a quality item that will serve you well.

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