Custom Made Steel Range Hoods

The Extra Benefits of a Custom, Steel Range Hood

Whether you’re a master chef who loves to entertain or someone who only stumbles through the kitchen for a cup of coffee, the functionality and design appeal of custom, steel range hood will transform your kitchen, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary!

Standard range hoods serve multiple purposes: they remove smoke, filter airborne grease, and prevent lingering odors. But what makes a custom, steel range hood attractive to savvy consumers?

1) The finish – Any good architect will tell you that the selection of materials is integral to good design. Pure, high-performance metals not only offer superior functionality, they just look and feel better. Whether or not we’re consciously aware, we can sense quality when we’re around it, and it leaves an impression.

2) One-of-a-kind appeal – Because custom steel range hoods are made by hand and designed to complement your style and to accommodate your particular kitchen space, no two are exactly alike. Custom features impart a sense of stateliness, importance and permanence that some mass-produced products cannot.

3) Air quality – A range hood’s primary purpose is to filter and remove unwanted odors and contaminants–an essential necessity for the busiest of kitchens. Custom steel range hoods are equipped with professional-quality grease filters and high-powered exhaust fans that truly perform their intended functions—preventing grease, smoke, and other airborne pollutants from penetrating your lungs and covering exposed surfaces.

4) Lighting – A custom steel range hood can support an assortment of lighting features and effects designed to enhance illumination for things like cooking, serving and reading recipes.

5) Value – The aesthetics, functionality and health benefits of a custom steel range hood will increase the overall value of your kitchen, and therefore your entire home.

A note on some technical considerations

The size of your hood should be determined by:

  • how often you cook
  • how much smoke you will generate and
  • the size of your range

While the specifications of your ventilating system should be determined by:

  • the quantity of food you cook
  • the types of foods you cook
  • the size of your kitchen.
Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy