Custom Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Everything You Should Know About Custom Copper Farmhouse Sinks 

Custom sinks have become extremely popular. These customized designs can be the centerpiece of a kitchen. When a consumer is looking for a luxurious and aesthetically appealing sink, custom copper farmhouse sinks will be their best choice. These kitchen jewels, though more expensive than a standard sink, are worth every penny.

There are many different copper sinks available in the market. A homeowner should take time and effort to choosing the right one, a copper sink that is thick enough and of unalloyed copper. Consult a reputable company, such as CopperSmith (R), for help in buying a high quality, custom, copper sink.

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper Purity

 Copper sinks should be manufactured from pure copper, which resist rust and bacteria. Some manufacturers make copper sinks from inferior alloys of cheaper metals combined with copper. Though this practice reduces the price of the sink, it might cause a lot of problems. Using cheap alloys robs the copper sink of all its key benefits.

 For example, copper is a very tough, rust-resistant material. On the other hand, most metals rust when they are exposed to water. Due to this, a cheaper alloy sink with a higher percentage of other metals rusts quickly when exposed to water. In case a seller recommends you wipe down the copper sink whenever you’re done with work, the sink is probably less than pure copper.

Since pure copper is naturally resistant to bacteria, custom copper farmhouse sinks have more resistance to bacteria than alloys. It is important to purchase a copper sink that is a minimum of 99.7% copper.


Thickness is one of the most important considerations with copper sinks. In fact, it is also a major indicator of durability and quality. When you are looking to purchase a sink that lasts a lifetime, you should buy the thickest sink you can find. Sinks are measured in gauges. The thicker the sink, the lower the gauge is. An average, 16-gauge sink can last for a lot of years. A high-quality, 14-gauge sink can last even longer.

If you want to save some money, an 18-gauge sink can be very affordable. However, you need to be careful while purchasing these sinks. An 18-gauge sink is very flimsy and thin. Thus, you need to make sure the sink is reinforced.


Custom copper farmhouse sinks come in various shapes and designs. Each shape and design serves a different purpose. You can choose from square, square and rounded sinks. You can even purchase sink with multiple bays to separate utensils.

The frontispieces on some of our sinks have decorative patterns.


Copper sinks are available in a lot of different sizes. Choose a size that accommodates your specific needs and requirements. It’s important to make sure kitchen sink fits your dinner plates.

Purchasing a properly sized sink is important especially when you have a counter opening ready for a sink.


When it comes to custom copper farmhouse sinks, patina is a very important design element. It is coloration of the copper finish. This patina can change when the metal reacts to vinegar, water, lemon juice or some other liquids.

The patina often cycles from a rich or dark brown to a lighter shade and turns a green color before going back to brown. These days, you can choose a copper sink in a patina color of your  choice.

In case you want the copper sink to match your walls or some other elements in the room, you should buy a sink with a good patina. With most brands, patina color does not affect the price. However, it can be quite hard to find a greenish sink. Most sinks available in the market are brown.

When you can’t find the color you want, research the liquids that can help you achieve your desired color. It is important to understand that color change is natural. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if the copper sink changes color.


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