Create Your Dream Kitchen

Create Your Dream Kitchen Around a Copper Sink

When it’s time to design a new kitchen or remodel your old one, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you select your wall and floor colors first? Your kitchen cabinets and countertops? What if you started with your sink? That might sound like a surprising idea, but consider this: At CopperSmith, we have been supplying beautiful items and objects for your homes for years. Many of our customers love the warm, attractive appeal of copper and have designed their entire kitchen around one of our genuine hand hammered copper sinks.

We have put together a list of ways to create an appealing kitchen centered around one of our great copper sinks:

  • Start by choosing your sink type. Figure out how much space you have. Are you creating a new kitchen from scratch or using existing cabinets and countertops? We have double and single bowl undermount sinks, as well as traditional-style farmhouse sinks with an exposed front apron that can be adapted to a variety of cabinets and countertops and use standard drains and taps.
  • Now select your favorite patina. Copper ages over time meaning the patina of certain objects can evolve, but we protect our kitchen sinks with a resistant coating that keeps it looking great for years and avoids a change in the patina. The copper sink you choose today will look the same for years to come. Click through our selection of copper kitchen sinks and select the one that catches your eye the most.
  • Plan the rest of your décor. Once you’ve chosen the style and patina of your kitchen, plan the rest of your kitchen. Many of our customers opt for light-colored cabinets and countertops to contrast with the dramatic copper sink finish. Natural materials like stone, wood and concrete also complement copper well and create a harmonious, Zen style for the most important room in your home.
  • Incorporate additional touches of copper in your kitchen. Add other copper elements to tie the room together. We have a wide selection of copper tabletops, range hoods, lighting and other décor items. If you use multiple copper pieces in your kitchen, consider painting the walls a relatively neutral shade. It will offset the copper and draw the eye to the beautiful, natural hand hammered copper touches.

Fill out our handy contact form or give us a call today at 1-888-431-4677 or email us at Our team here at CopperSmith would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you begin creating your dream kitchen, starting with one of our excellent copper kitchen sinks. When you start with a copper sink, you can design a beautiful and unique kitchen that’s the highlight of your home.

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