Copper: The unsung hero of disease prevention in restaurants and hotels

Copper fights disease in hotels and restaurants

Cleanliness and sterilization are essential aspects of operating a successful hotel or restaurant. In these high-traffic settings, hundreds of people can interact with the same surfaces in a single day, touching everything from menus, condiments, and tabletops in restaurants to light switches and TV remotes in hotel rooms.

It’s easy to see why these locations require frequent health inspections to remain in business, but even a passed inspection can never guarantee total sterilization. There are always going to be germs present on these public surfaces, and it’s up to business owners to ensure patrons a safe and clean space – especially amid a pandemic outbreak like COVID-19.

The threat of germs in business

We’ve already seen the threat germs and disease can have on business on a global scale – public spaces simply shut down indefinitely. But under more ordinary, controllable circumstances, the threat is more case-by-case.

If your restaurant fails a health inspection, you’re shut down until you can get it up to code. If a family stays at your hotel and contracts an illness, they’re likely to stay away for the foreseeable future, in addition to spreading the word to those around them.

This is the worst-case scenario of a non-sterile environment – not only do you infect your patrons, but you also lose future business both from them and from anyone else who catches wind of your newly damaged reputation.

There is certainly no shortage of articles speaking directly to people’s fears of germs in public spaces.


So how do we put guests at ease? Apart from frequent and procedural cleaning of all public spaces and surfaces (which is difficult enough to maintain), what can we do to foster a sterile environment in hotels and restaurants?

The answer is one the healthcare industry is taking note of and implementing and one a recent study has helped further uncover – copper.

Using copper to kill germs

Copper is a natural antimicrobial material, meaning it is always working to rapidly kill harmful germs that come into contact with its surface. It’s this attribute that helped make copper the first antimicrobial metal surface approved by the EPA – and why it needs to make its way into your business.

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health compares the germ-killing efficacy of copper to that of other common surfaces such as polypropylene (plastic) and stainless steel. The results find that while the coronavirus COVID-19 specifically can live on these other surfaces for multiple days, it only survives on copper for up to four hours.

The same has been found of influenzas and bacteria like E. Coli – they simply don’t last on copper surfaces.

So what does this mean for your business? In hotels and restaurants, it’s time to start implementing copper into touch surfaces to reduce the spread of disease and to ensure a cleaner, safer environment for your patrons.

Implementing copper in hotels and restaurants

The number of surfaces in a given hotel that can be converted to copper amounts to hundreds of touch points for guests on a daily basis. Everything from door handles to stairway railings can be made to actively combat the lifespan of bacteria and reduce any spread that may result.

In restaurants, copper sinks and tables can have a similar impact. A copper sink in the kitchen promotes sterilization in all phases of food preparation and cleaning, while copper bars and tables eliminate microbes in public spaces and keep customers healthy.

And copper is more than just a lifesaver. Its appearance elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space and can be made to complement a wide range of design elements. It’s the most effective way on the market today to boost the visual beauty of your business’s space while fostering improved health for your patrons.

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