Copper Trends

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Pure copper is luxurious, comfortable to work with and an increasingly-popular metal that is already used for many applications in the home. Over time, copper will naturally darken or develop a “patina” through regular use. Rather than taking measures to resist this change, architects and designers often anticipate the process and view it as something that adds character to finish.

While stainless steel and other white metals are typically considered modernist fare, copper fits both modernist and traditional design schemes quite comfortably.

Copper Pipe

Although copper pipe is typically concealed from sight, there is much beauty in the metal to be showcased and exposed when creating a home. For example, lamps can be made from copper pipe, a unique home accent that can be a real conversation starter. Copper pipe also may be used as an alternative to the standard hooks used to hang coats outside the entry door.

Copper’s malleability also makes copper pipe ideal for cutting to length and adding bends to create unique furniture designs. Joints can easily be soldered together to push the creative envelope, even from scrap copper pipe.

Wall Coverings

Coated copper sheeting can be applied to walls to add brightness and create an illusion of space similar to a mirror but with minimal glare.

In the Kitchen

Copper excellent heat conductivity makes it a favorite material for cookware. It’s beauty, permanence, and anti-microbial properties also make it an excellent material for oven hoods and sinks. It’s coloration and patinas make it an attractive choice for cabinet and drawer pulls.

In the Bathroom

Copper can be used to make beautiful and impressive bathtubs that set the tone for the entire room. Just as in the kitchen, copper’s anti-microbial properties make it perfect not only for bathtubs but also sinks and plumbing fixtures such as faucets and drains.

Decorative Lighting

Lampshades can be made out of virtually any material, but copper lampshades make a statement.

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