How Copper Range Hoods Are Customized For Homes

How Copper Range Hoods Are Customized for Your Home

You can purchase premade copper range hoods that will fit most kitchens. This can be a budget-friendly choice that will work if you have traditional vents and an easy-to-fit range and cabinets. However, if you’re looking for a unique look, or if your kitchen has design concerns such as a tall ceiling or non-traditional venting, a customized copper range hood ensures you get the exact look and performance you need.

CopperSmith makes it easy to buy copper range hoods specifically designed for you. These copper range hoods are customized in a simple process:

1) The experts at CopperSmith listen to your needs. Every design process at CopperSmith begins with a thorough understanding of your kitchen and your needs. The team will carefully listen to your concerns, design considerations and your needs. The team will check measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit and will carefully discuss your options with you.

They can help you look over the design options already available at CopperSmith, or can help you develop something new.

2) The CopperSmith team offers design assistance for you. The design assistants at CopperSmith are specialized and skilled in developing a personalized range hood. They can guide you through the design process step-by-step, even if you’ve never designed a hood or any other part of your house before. They can ensure you get a perfect design plan to approve before the process moves forward to production.

3) The professionals and artisans create a unique look for you by combining colors, decorative metal elements and the styles you have chosen. Once you have an approved design developed with your design assistant, the experts get to work creating your perfect hood. Throughout the process, the goal is to develop a quality product designed to exceed your expectations while offering the highest caliber of performance.

4) Your hood is fitted with the right blower system. The experts carefully consider your cooking appliances and needs to develop a blower system powerful enough to make your kitchen work seamlessly.

5) Your hood has lighting or other features added. If you need lighting or other options, the experts add these before your range hood is done.

6) Finish is applied. To protect the range hood from the rigors of a kitchen and to give you many years of use, finish is carefully and evenly applied to the range hood to protect the copper. You will have discussed the finish with your design assistant, so you get the exact look you want.

7) Your hood is tested. Your copper range hood is carefully tested by artisans to ensure it stands up to the high CopperSmith standards of excellence. The goal of the CopperSmith team is to ensure your range hood delivers many years of optimal performance.

8) Your copper hood is delivered and installed. Once your hood is complete, it is delivered to your door and is installed to make your kitchen more beautiful and practical.

If you’re ready to get started with the customization process, visit CopperSmith to take a look at the wide range of copper hoods already available or contact CopperSmith to start the design process for your new kitchen.

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