Copper Range Hood Design

Range Hood Designs and Popular Trends

CopperSmith specializes in working with interiors designers, showrooms and builders to design copper range hoods for their clients. We also offer wholesale pricing on custom copper products.


Copper Range Hood Design

Range hoods or “exhaust hoods” are mechanical devices that remove grease, smoke and other combustion products generated by cooking, thereby helping keep your kitchen air fresh and clean.

Some attractive range hood designs are:

Fully-exposed duct to ceiling design – a universal design, this range hood is directly connected to the ceiling where an outlet duct is installed to remove fumes and smoke from the kitchen.

Flush-mounted ceiling systems These range hoods are popular with people who favor minimalism. In this design, the range hood is flush with the ceiling and has powerful exhaust fans to pull in the kitchen fumes. While this design is aesthetically pleasing, it is not practical because most kitchen ceilings are eight feet high and that gives the kitchen fumes too much space to spread horizontally between the stove top and the range hood.

Partially concealed duct to ceiling design In this style, the range hood is partly hidden from the front by a wall mounting. This gives an uninterrupted look to the wall cabinets and also pushes the range hood out of immediate notice. Although some portion of the duct can be seen above the wall mounting, this aesthetic disparity can be corrected by housing the duct in stylish stainless steel.

Fully concealed duct to ceiling designThis design is the favorite of people who don’t want a range hood to disrupt the design aesthetic of their kitchen. In this style, the entire range hood is concealed behind wall mountings or cabinets. However, a lot of thought needs to be given on whether this design compliments the height of the kitchen ceiling and cabinets so the entire look is clean and blends in well with the wall.

Fully exposed, partial-height duct to wall design – This design aesthetic is intended to give the kitchen a look that is honest and functional. The duct in the range hood has an outlet through the wall, not through the ceiling. Therefore, the duct is usually housed in stainless steel to give it a rustic but authentic look.

Partially exposed, partial-height duct to wall designSimilar to the partially concealed duct-to-ceiling design, the duct in this range hood is concealed behind a wall mounting with cabinets on either side. But unlike the duct-to-ceiling design, the duct to wall design looks cleaner and more sophisticated because of the bend into the wall.

Fully concealed partial-height duct to wall design – The difference between this option and the fully concealed duct-to-ceiling design is the location of the duct outlet. Otherwise, both designs give kitchens a clean look that is free of the range hood.

Meanwhile, interior kitchen design, like fashion design, is subject to changing trends. Here are some range hood design trends this year:

Retro – For houses designed with a feel of the 1960s and older; the newest craze is range hoods with stainless steel housing that is customized to give the capture panel and the duct a vintage look. Currently, the scalloped panel is the most popular design in this range. Circular range hoods are also the rage with people who want stand out from the crowd.

All stainless steelClean and efficient characterizes this design trend. Stainless steel range hoods always have been very popular. But the most recent trend is uniquely shaped range hoods that are not in the game to look like wallflowers.

Sleek and StylishWhite cabinets, ceramic décor, and dining furniture are all in vogue now. So, large range hoods don’t go well with this design aesthetic. Flush mounted range hoods and entirely concealed duct to ceiling, or duct to wall designs fit this trend.

Decorative hoodsThese range hoods are meant to be eye-catching. From contemporary to space-style, there are many designs available to fit nearly any kitchen.

Minimalist – Minimalism is quickly replacing elaborate designs because it is sharper and easier to appreciate with so much white space around. Range hood designs that mirror this kitchen culture are also trending.

Whatever the design or style you choose, CopperSmith can meet your needs.

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