Copper In Your Home

Copper ProductsAdd elegance to your home by featuring the natural beauty of copper. Just like every aspect of life, not all copper is created equal and CopperSmith only utilizes elite and thick copper materials that are hand hammered, maintenance free and naturally antibacterial but we can’t speak for other copper companies. Sometimes understanding copper quality is a chore in itself, we would like to give you some practical advice, so you can be sure any copper purchase you make is of great quality, or at least you know some details of what you’re spending your hard earned money on.

Get What You Pay For

Sure, you’ve seen a beautiful copper bathtub, kitchen range or sink online, maybe even in the store and it was surprisingly cheaper than you’ve imagined. The chances are that it is thinly constructed. Purchasing a cheap, flimsy copper product can lead to more costly expenses. Whether the cost is to replace the sink before you were expecting or experiencing water leaks and unsightly dents because you purchase a thin copper product without knowing otherwise. We are here to tell you that the way to decipher the thickness of copper is to understand the gauge, otherwise known as the weight per square foot.

Understanding Copper Thickness through Gauge:

Usually the higher the number, the bigger/thicker the thing is. Right? No. With Copper, that’s not the case. A 16 gauge copper tub is thinner than a 15 gauge, which means the greater number is less durable. Below are more examples to help clarify:

Quality Copper 36 Gauge Copper – Is easily bendable, cut with a pair of scissors and dents effortlessly. This gauge is commonly featured on kitchen backsplashes or for electrical use.

24 Gauge Copper – Sturdier and many times used for flashing, roofing and kitchen range hoods (not ours, though, we use 15 gauge). More durable than the previous gauge.

15 Gauge Copper – This is the copper gauge that can bear the weight of a person. Yes, you will pay more purchasing thicker gauged copper product, but the results are well worth it.

There are many more Copper gauges, but this should serve as a tool for you in your search for a quality copper product. Copper gauges can be deceiving and if you don’t research before you may be extremely disappointed in your purchase. Copper is a soft metal and the only way to ensure lasting beauty and functionality is to buy a pure copper product (like the ones offered by CopperSmith) that has a thicker gauge, which in turn means a lesser number.

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