Copper In The Kitchen

Most of us know that copper is ideal for cookware because of its excellent conductivity: it spreads heat evenly, thus preventing ingredients from scorching, burning or being cooked unevenly.

Here’s a short list of the other major advantages of copper in the kitchen:

1) It has anti-microbial properties.

Copper has antibacterial properties that combat various types of bacteria like E. coli. Sinks are always in touch with water, which promotes bacterial growth. Bacteria can live on steel sinks for up to a month and are more likely to contaminate food in your kitchen. The same bacteria can only survive a few hours on a copper sink. Unlike steel, copper’s natural density allows few cracks and crevices for bacteria to camp out in.

2) It’s durable.

Copper makes for durable sinks that resist damage for decades because it resists corrosion and scratches and retains is shape for ages.

3) It’s attractive.

Copper dresses up a kitchen and just plain makes your place look cool. It’s a premium material that makes a statement.

4) It’s easy to maintain.

Copper is very easy to clean and maintain. Mild soap and a little water will usually take care of it.

5) It resists stains.

Again, copper is a high-density metal. Stains can run, but they can’t hide.

6) Texture and style.

Copper is relatively easy to shape and texturize and can achieve a range of natural colorations (i.e., patinas). This allows for more flexibility in the metalsmithing process and enables designers to push the creative envelope.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy