High-End Copper Fridges to Elevate Your Kitchen

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Function Meets Beauty 

Installing a high-end, gourmet kitchen is not only a great way to add incredible function and beauty to one of the busiest rooms in your home, but it’s also one of the best home upgrades in terms of return on investment.  Perhaps this is why so many homeowners in recent years have found innovative ways to elevate their kitchen spaces.

One modern trend in kitchen remodeling is adding appliances in such a way that they blend in with existing cabinetry, and panel fridges are an excellent example of this principle at work.  High-end fridges designed to accommodate a variety of panel types are planned for in the kitchen layout, so that they fit flush with cabinetry.  Then panels are added to either match the look of cabinets, or enhance the overall kitchen aesthetic with a unique façade of their own.



Custom is the new luxury

At CopperSmith, we pride ourselves on offering beautifully designed, custom metal products and collaborating with leading manufacturers to deliver copper range hoods, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, table tops, and more that are perfectly tailored to your interior design and your personal preferences.  Following two years of development, we’re also pleased to offer an exciting new addition to your kitchen space, in the form of custom copper panels of exceptional quality and design to accentuate your Viking or Sub-Zero panel ready fridges.

The superior craftsmanship that goes into designing and rendering our unique copper fridge panels requires an equally high-end product to accommodate the heft of copper, and renowned manufacturers like Viking and Sub-Zero are a perfect fit.  Anyone seeking a fridge that delivers outstanding performance and lasting appeal is sure to love the many benefits inherent to these premium products.


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World Class Design Team

While we spent two years developing the design of our custom copper panels to ensure beautiful outcomes that work perfectly with panel ready fridges, you’ll find that the process of ordering and installing your custom creation is much faster and more straightforward.  However, there are a couple of steps you’ll need to take. First, you’ll want to select the right, high-end fridge to support custom copper panels.  We worked hard to ensure that our attractive, copper panels meet all weight requirements – a difficult design challenge when working with solid copper.  However, this unique and precious material requires a quality frame to ensure a safe and lasting addition to your home.

You will therefore want to start by choosing a premium refrigerator that’s designed to work with custom panels.  At CopperSmith, we partner with many manufacturers to deliver the superior products our customers expect.  When it comes to selecting your panel fridge, we highly recommend the quality products from Viking and Sub-Zero. These manufacturers are renowned for superior products that deliver incredible performance, innovative features, and lasting value.  This makes them the perfect basis on which to build specialty copper fridges.  The strength and durability of their framework is ideal for supporting our gorgeous, custom copper panels.


unique kitchen textures



Next, you’ll want to select the best copper panels for your kitchen, and you’ll be pleased to discover that CopperSmith has a wide range of options to choose from.  We know that your home and your design aesthetic are unique, which is why we labored to create 30 unique finishes and textures, with colors ranging from light to dark and textures that are totally smooth, to those that have heavy, prominent profiles.

Choose from copper as bright as a new penny, to the chocolatey patina of antique copper, to the near ebony of bronze copper.  Looking for something a little warmer?  You’ll love the fiery appeal of rose copper.  You can also lean toward the cooler end of the palette with an aluminum or brushed stainless steel finish, or you can capture the look of weathered, oxidized copper with minty-green verde copper.

You’re not finished yet, though.  Next, you’ll choose from an array of textures, from silky smooth, to organic hand hammered, to bubbly beehive hammered, to feathery grain hammered, and more.  In essence, your copper fridge will serve as an eye-catching piece of artwork in your kitchen, complete with the inviting glow of this warm metal and your preferred level of visual interest, thanks to a range of added textures.


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Don’t believe us? Read the reviews

Every panel is solid copper with an aluminum frame inside to save weight, and our panels are sealed to preserve your preferred finish (although you may also choose options in unsealed, living finish).  You’ll enjoy solid copper handles to complete your custom look, and every CopperSmith product is built to last, so that your copper fridge looks just as good 10 years from now as it does the day you install it. Once you’ve chosen your panels, all that remains is to add them to your chosen Viking or Sub-Zero refrigerator model to complete your custom copper fridge and enhance and elevate the overall interior design in your kitchen.


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Designed to Coordinate with industry leading brands

With so many options to choose from, you may naturally have trouble selecting the perfect copper fridge for your custom kitchen design.  The good news is, CopperSmith offers dozens of hues and textures to ensure that you find the best fit for your style and preferences. For example, many homeowners love the pristine appearance of an all-white kitchen, complete with bright, white cabinetry and marble countertops in icy Calacatta.  How does copper fit into this aesthetic?  If you want to complement the colorless, glacial appeal of this style, stick with our smooth, mill aluminum or hand hammered natural aluminum finishes for silvery perfection.

Or, if you’re looking to go rogue with a splash of color, consider the brilliant appeal of our new penny copper finish or golden polished brass.  You can even add some major drama by choosing a dark, contrasting finish like aged or rose copper.  When paired with other copper elements, like a custom range hood and kitchen sink, as well as fixtures and hardware in matching hues, you’ll create a cohesive complement to any kitchen, light or dark.

In truth, copper lends itself well to warmer environments.  Although it can create a truly dazzling supplement to white or black kitchen motifs, especially when you choose shades like dark bronze copper, this material truly shines when paired with wood tones.  Whether you love the richness of mahogany, the graceful grain of walnut, the golden glow of oak, or the pale, creamy texture of birch, you’ll have no trouble finding the copper fridges that complement every type of cabinetry and flooring, regardless of color and texture.

If you’re into the panel fridge trend, but you’re not so keen on the hidden aesthetic associated with wood paneling on your appliances, a copper fridge is the ideal alternative to make this major appliance stand out.  You’ll enjoy a unique, modern surface and take your kitchen remodel to the next level when you choose custom copper panels from CopperSmith.


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Viking Panel Ready Fridges In Copper 

The high-end copper panels we craft at CopperSmith require equally robust fridges to support them, and Viking has a long history of producing the quality appliances and copper cookware that not only add utility to your kitchen, but timeless beauty.  This is why Viking’s built-in, panel ready fridges are the ideal basis for adding a copper fridge to your custom kitchen space.

For starters, their custom panel line of built-in fridges comes in a variety of standard sizes, for your convenience, including:

  • 18” upright (column style) freezers
  • 24” or 30” upright fridges or freezers
  • 36” upright freezers or refrigerators with bottom freezers
  • 42” or 48” side-by-side fridge and freezer combos

You have the option to choose side-by-side fridge and freezer models, select a smaller fridge with a bottom freezer drawer, or pair separate fridge and freezer compartments to arrange as you see fit.  Because each of these models is designed to accommodate custom panels, you have plenty of options to install your preferred fridge and freezer setup to work with your kitchen layout and design, and then add your chosen custom, copper panels to complete the look.



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Innovative Amenities from an Iconic American Brand

You can even customize further by using a combination of panels.  For example, you might want a bottom freezer drawer to match the bottom cabinetry, creating a uniform swath of surface material on the lower third of your kitchen.  From there, you could add custom copper panels to the upper fridge portion for a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Of course, it’s not all about luxury looks.  This essential appliance must also deliver the high-end performance you expect when you build out a gourmet kitchen.  Viking refrigerators deliver a slew of innovative amenities that modern homeowners are sure to appreciate

For example, they offer advanced air purification technology, designed to preserve the contents of your fridge up to three times longer than other refrigerators.  Their exclusive Plasmacluster Air Purifier technology works to eliminate odors and harmful elements like bacteria and mold, extending the shelf life of fresh food items in your refrigerator. A high-end kitchen requires top-tier appliances that offer professional level amenities.  With Viking’s advanced, panel ready fridges, you’ll not only enjoy the opportunity to prepare and cook meals like a pro, but you’ll have the option to add the custom copper panels from CopperSmith that lend your kitchen the lavish aesthetic of a luxury showroom.


sub-zero copper fridge


Sub-Zero Panel Ready Fridges in Copper

At CopperSmith, we want to ensure that you always have premium options available, so you can find the perfect pieces to meet your every need.  When it comes to copper fridges, that means providing multiple options for refrigerator makes and models that support our custom copper panels.


Like Viking, Sub-Zero offers a range of fridges and freezers that are panel ready and well-suited to providing both the sturdy framework to support copper panels and the technological advances that deliver anticipated performance.  Inside these refrigerators, you’ll discover features like:


  • NASA-inspired air purification to fight odors and spoilage
  • Magnetic door seals to lock in freshness and cold air
  • Sealed crisper and deli drawers with high-humidity settinga to keep produce fresh
  • Temperature controls that remain within one degree of setpoint
  • LED lighting for true color visibility


In addition, you’ll have the option to remotely monitor and control your fridge, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, and every model includes a freshness card that offers tips on use and care of your product, as well as food preservation.  The experts at Sub-Zero want to ensure the best possible experience for your household, and it shows in the attention they pay to every detail. Of course, performance is only half the draw when it comes to this massive appliance.  Because it takes up so much space in your kitchen, it also needs to look amazing.  This is where CopperSmith custom copper panels come into play.


sub zero copper appliances


Sub-Zero’s panel ready refrigerators are made to integrate custom panels, and the superior quality and craftsmanship of their products makes this brand an ideal mate for robust copper panels composed of solid metal.  A Sub-Zero base is designed to provide the built-in aesthetic modern homeowners love, and with the addition of our custom copper panels in your choice of color and texture, you’ll enjoy a unique and timeless addition to your upgraded kitchen space. A lot of premium materials go into designing a gourmet kitchen, but it’s useless without the right appliances.

When you want an innovative fridge that offers not only technological advances, but a custom appearance that takes your kitchen styling to the next level, you can’t go wrong choosing a Sub-Zero panel ready fridge and adding Coppersmith custom copper panels.  The end result is an attractive, high-end copper fridge that adds incredible wow factor to your interior.



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Pricing and Value

You can naturally expect custom copper fridges to cost a bit more than your average wood paneled models because of the high quality of materials and custom products you’ll receive.  Pricing will vary by the model and size of refrigerator you choose, as well as factors like the number of panels needed and the finish (color/texture) you prefer.

That said, when designing a gourmet kitchen, installing high-end appliances is part and parcel of crafting your luxury space, so it’s not unusual to devote 10-15% of your budget to an essential piece like a refrigerator, which accounts for the largest of all your appliances.  When you opt to install a custom copper fridge with the assistance of the pros at CopperSmith, you’ll enjoy a truly original addition to your kitchen that serves to elevate the overall look of your layout and design, and you’re sure to get endless compliments on the unique and attractive aesthetic.



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