Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 2

Copper Bath TubWhen adding the luxuries of copper to your bathroom – quality matters. CopperSmith would like to continue with our Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 1, where we talked about copper quality and finish and go a little further into buying specifics. We understand the importance of an investment built to last, we have worked behind the scenes to create quality copper products for many years and now feel that we should share the knowledge of our passion with interested homeowners and anyone else wanting to improve their daily life by adding copper features in their home.

Below is a continuation of the copper bathtub buyer’s guide to help you navigate through all the options available and choose the best tub for your needs:

3. Copper Bathtub Style

There are copper bathtubs in enough styles to suit most, if not all homeowners. There are rectangular and circular bathtubs and many shapes in between all made to fit different users’ needs. Some bathtubs also come with decorations like flowers or other attractive designs – especially on the outside. There are some manufactures that are ready to custom make a copper bathtub in a unique style, specifically designed to suit a certain bathroom. The secret when it comes to choosing the right style lies in taking adequate time and going through a number of suppliers until you find the style that fits you. Some manufacturers are known to come up with unique styles every now and then and those should be your first choice when selecting your tub. The fact that a bathtub can also be custom made is a huge plus. While custom made copper bathtubs might come at an extra cost, home owners are given the option of owning a bathtub that is designed to fit their bathroom and meet their unique requirements.

4. Copper Bathtub Brand

Some copper bathtub buyers guides include the names of several known brands in a bid to help buyers choose the correct tub. What such guides highlight are the different brands of copper bathtubs available either in stores close to you or online. There are many advantages of buying a well-known brand as opposed to buying an unknown brand. One of the advantages is that with a known brand you can be guaranteed of good quality or at least the right information when it comes to quality and pricing. Another advantage is that most people who have come into contact with a known brand will in most cases leave a review. Product and Company Reviews are very important and while most reviews will not include everything you might need to know about a particular tub, they highlight some important characteristics of the product and company. Customer reviews available online give you a feel of the copper bathtub that you intend to purchase and the companies reputation that is offering the products. And it’s all from the view of a user as opposed to that of the manufacturer which might be biased.

Copper Bathtub Well-known brands remain for one reason alone, they deliver products that they have been designed to meet customer needs and this means that dealing with a known brand will lessen the possibility of buying a substandard tub. On the other hand, there are other unknown and upcoming brands dedicated about making a name for themselves by provide quality and unique products that rival those made by the known brands. For an item like a bathtub, especially the handcrafted ones, an unknown manufacturer might have the exact product you are want and you should not just limit yourself to the known brand. Known brands are also known to be a bit pricey. If you settle for an unknown brand, be extra cautious and ensure that you are dealing with an honest dealer who produces nothing but the best quality copper tubs.

5. Copper Bathtub Size

The size of the bathtub you want to purchase will depend on a number of factors, top among them being the size of your bathroom. A small bathtub in a big bathroom will look odd while a large tub in a relatively small bathroom will look out of place. It is therefore important to have your bathroom proportions in mind when selecting a bathtub. While it is true that proportions matter and a large bathtub will go well with a large bathroom. It is important to always put quality before size. You would rather have a medium sized but high quality bathtub in a large bathroom other that purchase a large but low quality bathtub that will need to be replaced after a few years.

The CopperSmith professionals have so much to knowledge we would like to share with you about purchasing a quality copper bathtub that we have extended our blog. Look for a Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 3, coming shortly! We will continue with copper bathtub cost and accessories.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests about our products or copper contact CopperSmith online or at 888-431-4677 today!

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