Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 1

Modern Copper BathtubA bathtub is an integral part of any bathroom whether yours is a traditional, rustic, modern or a contemporary themed bathroom. As such, different factors need to be carefully considered before buying and installing a bathtub in your home. Any home owner will be looking for the best deal on the market and when it comes to bathtubs this means a durable, attractive and affordable bathtub that compliments their individual tastes and preferences while blending flawlessly with the rest of the bathroom and home decor. CopperSmith’s professional copper experts would like to offer you some guidance when choosing a copper bathtub.

Choosing a Quality Copper Bathtub

One of the materials used to make bathtubs today is copper. Copper is a beautiful and strong and can be used to make quality, long lasting bathtubs that are unique enough to meet different homeowners’ requirements. So after you’ve settle on copper as the material of choice for your bathtub, what do you look for when buying one? Where do you go in order to ensure that you end up with a quality copper bathtub you can use for many years to come? These questions seem to be overwhelming homeowners but we can help find the answers.

Below is a copper bathtub buyer’s guide to help you navigate through all the options available and choose the best tub for your needs:

1.Quality of the Copper

The quality of copper bathtubs differ depending on the thickness of copper used to make the tub, the purity of the copper used and the workmanship involved when making the copper tub. Copper is gauged depending on thickness. You will find out that gauge 20 copper is very thin and this means that a gauge 20 bathtub will be cheaper than a thicker gauge 14 or gauge 12 tub. If you are looking for a bathtub that will stand the test of time and need minimal or no repairs in years, go for the thickest copper tub you can afford.

Thin bathtubs have been known to wear quickly leading to leaks and dents. Thin tubs will also produce some noise, especially when filling the tub and this can be a tad annoying. Another factor that comes into play when considering the quality is the purity of the material of the copper used. While this might not be very easy to discern just by looking at the end product, most sellers will tell you the percentage of copper in relation to other metals added. A higher percentage of cooper to other metal is always better as it produces a stronger more durable alloy.

Workmanship is also a consideration when it comes to quality. Different manufacturers will produce different results – even when using the same type and gauge of metal. The overall time used to make the tub, the level of expertise and the general attention to detail will affect the final outcome and thus affect the quality of the bathtub make. Workmanship can be seen. If you keenly look at the options available to buy you can easily tell the product that was completed to perfection, even if all are the selections are made from the same type of copper metal.

2. Copper Bathtub Finishing

Most copper items will come in either a smooth, well-polished finish or a rugged, hammered finish. In most instances, it makes more sense to buy a tub with a well finished and smooth interior especially when considering the level of comfort you expect not just from a copper bathtub but any other bathtub you use. For the outside, you have the option of choosing a smooth and polished finish or the hammered and rugged one for a more adventurous look.

  • A smooth finish goes well with a contemporary theme that makes use of symmetry and smooth finishing in all areas.
  • A rough rugged look on the other side goes well with a rugged countryside or traditional theme and will blend well with other rustic decor items that are both striking and adventurous.

Finishing also affects the color of the metal and consequently the bathtub color. There are four main colors when it comes to copper bathtubs. These colors range from a shiny penny look to darker coffee or dark chocolate hues. Of course more hues do exist, all depending on the origin and age of the metal as well as the type and percentage of other metals used to make the copper tub. Select the color that best suits your style and blends with the rest of your bathroom items as well.

You should, however note that the while shiny colored copper tubs are bright and smooth, their color can change, especially when the tub comes into contact with salty water or other compounds found in water, soap and other bath products. While the change in color does not, in any way, compromise the quality of the tub, the color change can affect your overall bathroom look. Corrective measures can be taken to get the tub back to its original color.

Quality Copper BathtubDarker colored bathtubs are always a safe choice for those who do not want to think about extra care and maintenance while using copper bathtubs. Whatever your option, be sure to select the finishing that meets most, if not all your requirements.

The CopperSmith professionals have so much to knowledge about purchasing a quality copper bathtub that we have extended our blog. Look for a Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 2, coming shortly! We will continue with copper bathtub styles, brand, size, cost and accessories.

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