How Copper Tables Are Made

How Copper Tables Are Made

Copper tables can look exceptional in every room of your house. They add a warm and eye-catching look in bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and more. Copper tables are made by artisans who take the time to carefully craft every piece. However, not all tables are the same. If you are considering buying a table for your home, you’ll want to consider how your product is made.

There are a few ways copper tables are made:

1) With copper sheeting. These are not “true” copper tables, but rather tables with a thin veneer of copper over of a table made from wood or other metal. Essentially, the copper sheeting is attached to the tabletop. While this can be affordable, the table will not have the longevity of a true copper piece. One problem with copper sheeting is that the adhesive used to attach the copper to the table surface can become compromised over time, leaving the sheet peeling and warping. Also, the copper sheeting is usually quite thin. With time, it can wear away, crack and scar, showing the table underneath.

2) With copper legs or pipes. Some copper tables have a tabletop made from another material and legs made from copper. Again, this is an affordable option that brings some copper beauty to your home. Unfortunately, copper legs or pipes underneath the table still leave you with a tabletop made from other materials, which may not be as beautiful or sturdy as copper. It’s not the same as having a solid copper table.

3) Solid copper tables. Solid copper tables are made from a slab of copper. In many cases, these tables are made from recycled copper which is combined with trace amounts of zinc for stability. Quality copper tables are at least 99% solid and pure copper.

Copper alloy tables are not the same. Solid copper tables are made either by a machine, which smooths the recycled and refined copper or by artisans who will carefully handcraft the copper into a table, paying attention to every detail. Copper tables made by hand will have unique features and will ensure you get a once-in-a-lifetime piece. Machine-made tables will have a smoother finish and a more uniform look.

Some copper tables can be custom-made. At CopperSmith, for example, you work with a design assistant to create a one-of-a-kind piece. CopperSmith can personalize a tabletop or the tabletop and legs, ensuring you get the final look you’ve always wanted.

The tables at CopperSmith are made with the highest quality and with solid, pure copper, so they are designed to last for years while looking amazing in your home. Visit CopperSmith today to find out how copper tables can transform your space.

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