Copper: A Metal Of The Past, And A Metal Of The Future

Copper first appeared in mainstream society about 3,000 years ago during the Bronze Age. Popular for making weaponry, it helped nations rise and fall. When iron came along, copper was far from finished. In fact, the full realization of its qualities had just started.

The excellent corrosion resistance properties of copper are what initially brought the metal into the building industry. In fact, according to Wikipedia, with the proper thickness and installation, it is known that a copper roof can last over 1,000 years. Copper was also used in ancient Egypt and China for channeling and piping water. We all know that copper is a very attractive metal to use on building projects, but when you consider the longevity of the material, it becomes apparent that we may be under using this resource in the building industry.

When you consider the average asphalt roof only lasts 20 years, and the waste and global footprint of replacing that roof has on our environment, you can see that not only is copper a smart choice for our planet, but a wise economic choice for our children and future generations.

Somewhere along the way, new home construction took an interesting turn. People could no longer afford to build homes with quality materials like copper, or are we mistaken? Although high-quality construction can cost a substantial amount more than standard residential construction, your maintenance costs are nearly nonexistent with the former. Think of the energy, money and time that goes into painting wood every year when you could simply have a stone exterior made to last well beyond your lifetime.

Copper exteriors are cheaper over the long run, better for the environment, and most certainly, a much more attractive option than many of the alternatives.

Our challenge to you is this, the next time you are considering a new product for your home, consider copper and weigh the benefits of the slightly higher up-front costs to the overwhelming economic and environmental upsides.

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