Selecting the Right Range Hood for Your Home

How Do I Select The Right Range Hood For My Home?

A copper range hood is a beautiful design and function element for your kitchen.  But how do you decide which style is right for you? CopperSmith’s extensive and unique selection of range hoods can make selecting the perfect design a difficult decision to make. Here are a few things that may help streamline the process of finding the right range hood for your home.


First, you must determine which model or design style will fit in your kitchen. If you’re able to use a more traditional or wall mount hood, you will be able to attach your hood to a cabinet or wall. If you do not have these options and are only able to attach your hood from the ceiling, you will need an island mount hood. With either selection, you will need to measure your space to obtain your dimensions for sizing.

CopperSmith has standard size hoods ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches. We also offer custom widths and heights for customers working in limited or highly customized spaces.


Once you know the size and general shape of your hood, you will need to decide on your material. Each material has many attractive and beneficial properties of their own. While CopperSmith specializes in traditional copper hoods, we also offer a variety of models in our Mill Finish Aluminum.

Copper provides a warm and sophisticated presence in the home and can be easily incorporated into a variety interior color schemes. Our copper hoods can be the perfect accent piece for a variety of styles including classic, modern, vintage, and contemporary, and can be tailored to suit any design aesthetic.

Our Mill Finish Aluminum offers is an excellent choice for the customer working in neutral or cooler color palettes. Although these materials are most commonly associated with modern designs, they are highly versatile and work beautifully in a wide variety of design styles.


We’ve tailored our CopperSmith range hoods to offer a wide variety of beautiful options, but there are bound to be a few standouts during your search. We recommend that you take some time to find the range hood that speaks to your unique design aesthetic and personal taste. At CopperSmith, we are confident that you will find the perfect product. A product so special, that it turns your dream board into a reality.


CFM means “cubic feet per minute,” which in simple terms describes the fan power that circulates the air through your range hood. This is a very important factor when selecting the right motor for your hood. You will want a fan that is powerful enough to take in the unwanted smoke and odors without overpowering your kitchen space. If you are unsure about the proper CFM for your stove and kitchen, the experts at CopperSmith can help.

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