How to Choose the Right Copper Tub for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Copper Tub for Your Home

A copper tub is a beautiful, elegant way to enhance the décor of your bathroom. But there are a variety of different copper tubs out there. How do you choose the right one for your particular home and bathroom décor?

Choosing Your Copper Tub: Style

First, you need to decide what style of the copper tub you want:

  • Do you want a classic clawfoot tub that rests on four legs and gives your home an old-world style? This type of bathtub goes well with classic and traditional décor that calls to mind centuries past, although all copper tubs fit in with almost any décor.
  • Or do you want a freestanding tub that rests directly on the ground? Those with a more contemporary sensibility often choose this type of bathtub.
  • Or you may prefer a soaker, which is more flexible when it comes to where you place the tub and has a more modern feel to it.

What Size Will Your Copper Tub Be?

Tub size will largely depend upon the available space in your home, but since these tubs are freestanding, you do have some flexibility. You can even set up your copper bathtub outdoors. How much space you feel you need in the tub for comfortable bathing is also a factor.

How Do You Want Your Copper Tub to Look?

You can get your copper tub with its existing patina sealed in or one with a living finish, a natural patina that evolves, giving your bathtub a more rustic look and unique character.

What Kind of Material Do You want for Your Copper Tub?

Because of the nature of copper, you want the weight of your copper to be at least 14-gauge. You can choose pure or almost pure copper, or opt for recycled copper if you prefer a more sustainable approach.

Whichever type of copper tub you choose, you’re sure to be thrilled with your selection. In addition to looking great and being versatile enough to go almost anywhere and fit with nearly any décor, copper tubs require no maintenance, will not rust or corrode, and have antibacterial properties, which is excellent for someone who likes to take baths to get clean. The tubs themselves are simple to clean, and living finish tubs even heal themselves if scratched.

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