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Is Stainless Steel the best range hood material? - April 28, 2020

      Is Stainless Steel A Viable Choice For A Range Hood? Houses are in abundance; they come in endless shapes, sizes, locations, and styles, but are mostly incomplete until further customized, personalized, and given that unique touch only a homeowner can provide. It is what transforms a vacant house into a beautiful home…. Read more »

5 signs it’s time to replace your range hood - February 18, 2020

A high-quality range hood is a durable appliance that can serve your home effectively for years after installation, but there always comes a day when it’s time to replace it – especially if it was poorly manufactured or made from a fragile material. Here are 5 signs it’s time to replace your range hood with… Read more »

Benefits of Stainless Steel Range Hoods - January 25, 2020

Benefits of stainless steel range hoods Range hoods provide a complete range of benefits for the modern kitchen, from delivering an added visual elegance to removing airborne contaminants and irritants during the cooking process. Range hoods are made from a variety of materials, with copper and stainless steel being two of the most popular options… Read more »