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Copper Bathtubs: An Ancient Art - June 9, 2014

Copper Bathtubs: An Ancient Art Copper is naturally antibacterial, making it the perfect material for a soaker tub. Our freestanding copper tubs will completely transform your home bathroom or hotel suite. Master coppersmiths have been hand-pounding bathtubs for thousands of years. The process starts with a large sheet of thick copper sheeting, and carefully using… Read more »

Double Bowl Copper Sinks - June 8, 2014

Copper Sink Consideration: Farmhouse Sinks Every custom copper purchase starts with an appreciation of the art, skill, and passion that a coppersmith puts into each piece. Unique hammer textures, flame color techniques, and design patterns are passed down from generation to generation. That is why your will find different and unique designs among farmhouse sinks… Read more »

Copper Kitchen Products - June 8, 2014

Copper Patina Most of us are familiar with the copper patina process. Over time, the copper gets a dazzling green look to it. That much we know is constant. The interesting thing is, we have found that many of our clients are not in agreement as to what the ideal copper patina is. Like art,… Read more »

Why Build With Copper? - May 22, 2014

Why build with Copper? Copper is suitable for use in a variety of industries because of its resistance to corrosion, workability, and visual appeal. Copper was the cornerstone of many ancient civilizations: for cookware, weapons, water pipes, and tools. Today, we utilize the natural properties of copper in architecture and modern living. The anti-microbial quality… Read more »

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