The Buyer’s Guide to Copper Bathtubs

buyer's guide to copper bathtubs

If you’re thinking about renovating or updating your bathroom, investing in a freestanding bathtub can add a sense of elegance to any space, regardless of the room’s size or style. However, choosing the right material for your tub is of the utmost importance; if you select a material that requires a lot of upkeep or isn’t complementary to your current decor, it might become a source of frustration instead of relaxation. This is just one of the many reasons why people are installing copper tubs in their homes and, consequently, why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to copper bathtubs!

Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, the natural metal is durable and designed to enhance the beauty of a wide range of decor styles. Whether you love the sleek look of minimalism or the classic rustic aesthetic, a copper tub could be the perfect option for your bathroom.

1. Copper tubs are easy to maintain.

Copper requires very little maintenance or upkeep, and it’s naturally resistant to mold, rust, and corrosion. All you need to do to keep your tub shiny is rinse it well after each use and occasionally use a mild soap with a soft cloth to clean it. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface of copper; since it’s a living material, it actually “heals” itself when it’s scratched! After a short amount of time, a scratch will darken and blend back into the natural copper patina without requiring any care or attention. 

2. Copper is naturally hygienic. 

Copper has natural microbial properties, making it even more hygienic than stainless steel. The copper metal is capable of eliminating most bacteria within mere hours, whereas other surfaces may harbor bacteria for up to a month. You won’t have to spray your tub with harsh disinfectants or antibacterial products to keep your tub clean, even if you use it every single day. This is a major plus if you don’t want to spend more time than necessary scrubbing your bathroom.

3. Tubs crafted from recycled copper are eco-friendly.

The majority of copper products on the market are made from recycled materials. Copper is capable of being melted down and reshaped into new items without losing any of its beneficial properties, making it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. You can feel good about buying a copper tub knowing that the material will be able to be reused for another high-quality item several years from now. 

4. Copper evenly retains heat.

If you often feel as if your bath gets cold too quickly, a copper bathtub can easily solve this issue. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, and it’s capable of retaining warmth much longer than traditional tub materials, such as acrylic or porcelain. As anyone who has cooked with copper cookware can also attest, copper evenly distributes heat across its entire surface, ensuring that there are no hot spots or cold areas. If you want to enjoy a longer soak at an optimal temperature, this material will create the perfect environment for relaxation.

5. Copper bathtubs offer versatile beauty.

Copper bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so you can select the color and size that best suits your preferences. The natural material looks stunning next to any kind of decor, whether your bathroom is designed with dark colors, rustic elements, or pretty pastels. The style of the copper can differ as well, ranging from round tubs to clawfoot tubs to slipper-shaped tubs, all available with either smooth or hammered finishes. 

6. Copper tubs are timeless.

The strength and durability of copper means that these bathtubs will easily last a lifetime while maintaining their natural beauty. In addition, the unique, shiny appearance of copper has been proven to be truly timeless. For instance, copper clawfoot tubs look just as good in modern bathrooms as they do in vintage-style homes. Since the natural material has been popular in homes for numerous decades, you certainly won’t have to worry about your tub going out of fashion anytime soon!

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