What are the Best Copper Cookware Brands?

What are the best copper cookware brands?

At CopperSmith, we’re passionate about copper products of every stripe, and we want to share that passion with our customers by delivering valuable information about the brands and products we love.  When it comes to cooking with copper, you’ll find there’s no shortage of faux products on the market that simply don’t deliver the same benefits as the real deal, so we’ve made it our mission to research copper cookware and give you the 411 on the best products out there.

We’ve taken several factors into consideration, from the materials used, to the quality and performance of products, to the overall value you’ll enjoy, as well as the story behind the products.  Some brands we sell, and others we just admire, but all are worthy of a place in your kitchen.  Here are the top copper cookware brands for your consideration.

Is Ruffoni Cookware Good?

This storied brand, born in the Italian Alps (an area known for coppersmithing) was founded in 1962 by Fremide Ruffoni with the goal of producing handcrafted artisan cookware of heirloom quality. In other words, the company aimed to create cookware that would be passed on through generations of household chefs.  Punctuated by the use of traditional techniques, the hand hammered finish is designed for superior function, but these everyday items are nothing short of works of art.

Ruffoni Cookware Founder

History and heritage are imbued in every pot and pan, with each one hammered from a single sheet of copper at the Ruffoni family workshop in Italy, just as they have been for decades.  With pure tin lining for added utility and convenience, as well as riveted brass handles and lid knobs portraying the company’s signature artichoke and leaves motif, this distinctive copper cookware is sure to make an impression not only the first time you see it, but every time you use it.

how is ruffoni cookware made?

When you look at other copper cookware, with smooth surfaces and layers of coating in other metals, you might wonder why Ruffoni persists in using the hand hammered technique.  Is it just for looks, or does it imbue their products with added practical benefits?  While the dimpled surface is certainly lovely to look at, and it will make for an eye-catching addition to your kitchen, the truth is that the aesthetic appeal is pure happenstance.

In fact, the hammered surface of the metal serves to enhance thermal conductivity for more uniform distribution of heat and air.  It also adds to the strength and durability of the finished product.  Each pot, pan, and lid is hand lined with pure, nonreactive tin to ensure that the flavor of your food remains uncontaminated by metallic tang or other food flavors.  The use of pure tin, void of impurities, ensures permanent bonding for a perfectly fused surface that offers unmatched durability.

Ruffoni’s factory in Italy

In addition, Ruffoni is committed to utilizing only the finest certified and recycled materials and avoiding chemical processes to ensure eco-friendly products that you can feel good about purchasing.  They demand strict specifications for the thickness of copper, and tin is refined specifically for use in their products, to ensure the height of purity.

ruffoni brass handles

Brass handles and lid finials are crafted in the traditional mold melding method, and attached with steel alloy rivets that are resistant to corrosion and wear.  Although pressing is done by machine, each piece is turned, hammered, tinned, and shined by hand to preserve tradition and ensure a level of craftsmanship that only long years of experience can deliver.

premium custom cookware

Temperature control and even heat distribution are of the utmost importance in cookware, and Ruffoni’s unique design draws on tradition to ensure rapid and uniform heat transfer.  If you’re tired of scraping stuck on gunk from the bottom of your pans, you’ll find this cookware ideal for long-simmering sauces.  It’s also great for everything from sautéing delicate veggies, to braising lamb shanks to perfection.  When you master the use of these precision cooking tools, you’ll enjoy even heating with nary a hot spot and no more burned meals.

Copper Cookware Sets

Ruffoni copper cookware can be found for sale from a variety of vendors.  You can purchase piecemeal, as with the 6.25-inch sauce pan and lid at a suggested retail price of $199.95; the 12.25-quart stock pot, with lid, at a suggested retail price of $475; or the 5-quart roasting pan, plus lid, at a suggested retail price of $650.  Or you could opt for a set, such as the Ruffoni Historia Copper 7-Piece Cookware Set at a suggested retail price of $999.95.

ruffoni cookware box

Ruffoni is happy to offer restoration and re-tinning of their products as needed for customers who send in detailed photographs, so the condition of pieces can be analyzed in order to determine if intervention is needed.

Is sertodo copper good?

Sertodo Copper was founded in 1997 by Jonathan Beall with the goal of handcrafting quality, hammered coppered goods, in cooperation with master artisans, with an eye toward sustainable practices.  The company supports a workshop in Austin, TX, as well as one in Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacan, Mexico, where the history of copperwork dates back over 1,000 years.

As an owner-operated business, Sertodo Copper understands how valuable quality products and customer satisfaction are, which is why they place incredible emphasis on hand-hammered copper goods imbued with tradition by master craftsmen.  Every piece is designed to offer function, aesthetic beauty, and a lifetime of use value.  Their products are made with 100% recycled copper.

where is sertodo copper made?

Sertodo Copper pots and pans feature 2mm, heavy gauge copper construction, with hand-hammered detailing for increased function, although the textured appearance delivers the added bonus of incredible beauty and visual interest.  It is said that the ages-old practice of hammering the surface allows for faster heating and more efficient cookware.

Buyers can choose between two different finishes, including a high-shine, polished finished, like a new copper penny, and a peacock patina that offers the illusion of aging, complete with a darker, more rustic copper hue.  Skillets feature a smooth outer surface.

The interior of each pot and pan is hot tinned to create a traditional, naturally non-stick cooking surface that distributes heat evenly for a uniform cooking experience.  However, the big claim to fame for Sertodo Copper cookware is their patented handle designs.  Stainless steel handles stay cooler while cooking to help prevent burns, but you’ll notice right away that the handle structure is unusual, and this is not without reason.

Designer Cookware

Skillets, sauce pots, and sauté pans all feature a three-prong design, with two prongs on top and one on the bottom, that is not only easy to grip and lift, but offers a handy place to rest your lid while you stir the contents.  Even better, lids feature a double-arch handle that you can use as a spoon rest for utensils during cooking.  Stock pots also feature double-arch handles on either side for lifting or holding a pot lid.

 Beauty, Craft and Quality

While the handles may look strange at first, serious cooks are sure to appreciate the thought and mastery that went into these practical designs.  The curvature offers a comfortable grip, whether you’re flipping an omelet or swirling browned butter, and lifting is easy, as well.  In addition, long hands on pots and pans feature a heat break to stop fingers from accidentally sliding down the handle and touching the hot outer surface of the cooking vessel.

mexican copper cookware

The use of thick copper, paired with hand-hammering, ensures optimal heating, both in terms of speed and distribution.  The addition of a layer if tin for the interior cooking surface not only helps to ensure even heating throughout, eliminating hot spots, but it provides a non-reactive surface that won’t alter the flavor of food, as well as a non-stick surface that makes for easy cooking and cleaning (without the health concerns inherent to, say, Teflon).

sertodo fry pan

As noted, the unique design of handles elevates performance by protecting hands from heat, providing ergonomic grip for comfort and control, and offering a practical place to rest pot lids and utensils during cooking.  Sertodo Copper cookware was not only designed to offer an attractive and lasting addition to your kitchen, but to provide for practical needs and enhance the overall ease and efficiency of the cooking experience.

hammered copper cookware

Whenever you seek out quality craftsmanship, and especially hand-crafted items imbued with hundreds of years of tradition, you can reasonably expect to pay a premium.  Sertodo Copper cookware isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it is rather pricy.  However, you can treat it as an investment in heirloom cookware, offsetting initial costs with anticipated use value.

An 8-inch skillet is priced at $138, while a 10-inch is $186.  A 3-quart sauté pan with lid will cost you $355, and 2.5-gallon and 3.5-gallon stock pots will set you back $466 and $655, respectively.  Sertodo Copper offers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

Is falk cookware good?

Copper cookware is nothing new.  This material has long been used in pots and pans for its conductive properties.  Falk, established in Belgium in 1958, started out making solid copper cookware with soft tin layering.  In 1977, they upgraded to a bimetal process that involves the layering of a large copper plate with fine stainless steel, a process that is widely used today and is generally agreed to provide the best quality and performance in cookware.

Falk Culinair has gone through the hands of three generations of the Van Achter family, passing from father, to son, to grandson, with each generation bringing new skillsets to the table.  With a business philosophy that balances tradition and technological innovation, Falk Culinair has become a recognized and renowned brand worldwide.

Where is falk cookware made?

Falk has a long history of creating fine copper cookware, using the latest available technologies to deliver quality products.  Today, their patented products feature a 2.3mm thick plate of solid copper, bonded to a 0.2mm thick layer of stainless steel through an enduring process called intercrystallization.

The benefit of a thick metal plate is the ability to conduct, maintain, and diffuse heat quickly and efficiently.  Within a couple of minutes, your pot or pan can heat to full temperature, so you can get moving on cooking your meal.  However, it also maintains the set temperature, so you don’t end up with hot or cold spots that can ruin delicate foodstuffs or temperature sensitive recipes.  Plus, once you remove the pan from heat, the copper will cool quickly, stopping the cooking process, while the stainless steel interior maintains enough heat to keep your food warm.

Made in Belgium 

As for the bimetal process used, stainless steel offers an ideal cooking surface that bonds permanently to the copper through a chemical process, ostensibly ensuring quick and even heating for the life of the product.  The stainless steel lining is also hygienic and helps to preserve the natural flavor of food, as it won’t transfer any metallic taste or store food flavors from previous use.

While Falk Culinair pots and pans are heavier than some other brands, especially with the addition of cast iron handles, the heft tells you something about the quality of the product.  There are plenty of brands purporting to sell copper cookware, but when you pick up an authentic pot or pan in solid copper, you’ll know.

Premium Copper Cookware Facts

Falk Culinair designs and manufactures professional-grade copper cookware that’s meant to live up to some very high standards.  The main benefit of choosing this cookware is its proclivity to heat quickly and maintain constant temperature, so you can sear, fry, sauté, and brown foods without burning them.

falk cookware sauce pan

In terms of performance, you’re sure to appreciate the ergonomically designed, cast iron handles.  They’re meant not only for transporting pots, but they’re designed with weight management in mind.  The last thing you need is to spill an unwieldy pot or pan full if scalding, sloshing liquid, which is why the handles on each piece are intended to make lifting safe and easy.

best value copper cookware

One great feature of this line is that you can buy dozens of different pots, pans, and lids piecemeal (from an 8cm copper saucepot for about $190 USD to a 28cm copper cauldron for a little over $480).  With seemingly endless options for saucepans, frying pans, gratin pans, stew pans, steamers, casseroles, cauldrons, and more, you’ll soon have the perfect pot for absolutely every culinary need.  However, you can also purchase any number of sets, such as the 8-piece Classical Range Chef’s Set, normally priced at nearly $1,900.

Falk Culinair stands by their products with a guarantee “against manufacturing defects for as long as you own the product, unless otherwise stated”, and they will repair or replace products deemed to exhibit manufacturing defects (as opposed to wear and tear, product misuse, improper care, accidents, etc.).

Hestan Copper Cookware

Excellence isn’t a word taken lightly at Hestan, which not only offers innovation in cookware, but has over the years expanded into indoor range tops, ovens, and bases, as well as exterior grills, and even wine production.  When it comes to their cookware, performance and durability are the top priorities, although they don’t skimp on the aesthetics, by any means.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their CopperBond collection, which exemplifies the ideal marriage of beauty and performance.  From the time founder Stanley Cheng began producing hard-anodized aluminum cookware in the 1970s, the company has built a reputation on a love of food and innovation, complete with cookware that pairs practical function with elegant form.

Hestan is about Culinary Innovations

By collaborating with chefs, Hestan has honed their designs to meet the needs of working professionals, with cookware that showcases not only an understanding of culinary processes, but a thoughtful attention to even the most mundane of details.  The result is cookware of exquisite beauty that delivers incredible performance value.

where is hestan cookware made?

Hestan’s CopperBond cookware is handcrafted in Italy and starts, as you might expect, with a heavy-duty, pure copper core for outstanding heat conductivity and temperature control.  Whether you need a simmer for delicate sauces or a sizzle for searing meat, this cookware offers the ability to optimize for every culinary requirement.  It’s designed for professionals, but made for years of use in your home.

The interior cooking surface is high-grade, 18/10 stainless steel, which ensures no flavor transfer and makes for easy cleaning, whether you’re scrambling sticky eggs or whisking up a creamy béchamel.  Serious cooks will also enjoy the wraparound magnetic stainless steel base, which makes this cookware suitable for use with induction cooktops.

hestan cookware facts

Hestan employs 5-layer construction for their CopperBond cookware.  While the average cook may not notice a difference between standard 3-ply and 5-ply construction, other than added heft, savvy chefs know that the additional layers offer faster, more even heat distribution and control, a must in a busy commercial kitchen.  Does the average cook need to trim minutes off their cooking time?  Maybe not, but busy parents will agree they can always use a few extra minutes in a day, especially if it includes getting dinner on the table more quickly.

hestan cookware performance

In addition to delivering value through speedy heat conductivity, superior temperature control, and ease of use during both cooking and cleaning, you’ll find that there are certain performance indicators that go above and beyond with Hestan.  For starters, they’ve carefully designed the rims in reinforced stainless steel, with drip-free functionality to ensure a smooth pour every time.  If you’ve ever bungled pouring sauce over an entrée or depositing bacon grease in a jar, you’re sure to appreciate the utility of drip-free rims.


Hestan CopperBond cookware also features contoured sidewalls that deliver a cooking surface with 20% greater area than comparably sized skillets, so you can fit more in a pan.  Then there’s the French handle style that provides for safe and stable lifting and carrying (a must with hefty copper cookware), plus the inclusion of a signature finger guard to prevent slipping and help you maintain a safe distance between bare fingers and hot pots.  This cookware can safely brave the broiler, as well.

cookware value

Because of the 5-layer construction and the addition of induction functionality, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for CopperBond, but for chefs who want to check every box in terms of utility, versatility, and style, this attractive and robust cookware delivers.  A 1.5-quart saucepan will set you back $260, while a 4-quart goes for$395.  The 10-Piece Induction Copper Ultimate Set is $2,085, but boy, will it look sharp hanging on your pot rack.

french copper cookware

If you haven’t heard of French food service manufacturer Matfer Bourgeat, you can be excused for the lapse.  Although their long history dates back 200 years, they’ve only been in operation in America for the past 30 years, and their main focus is on the professional marketplace, from fine dining commercial kitchens, to caterers, to luxury hotels (think The Four Seasons and Shangri-La Group) and other hospitality operations.

That said, any professional chef worth his or her salt has certainly heard of this company, and is well aware of the premium kitchen wares they supply.  As an industry leader of incredible renown, Matfer Bourgeat has long been a key player in setting the bar for international standards in the restaurant industry with their lines of equipment and utensils to outfit commercial kitchens.

A passion for taste

Each year, this company launches 1,000 new products, based on customer and market demand, with a strong focus on functional design, ergonomic considerations, and sustainable growth.  The quality of their products made them and industry leader, and their focus on thoughtful and practical design endeared them to chefs across the globe.

new cookware products

What’s the hitch?  They don’t exactly cater to the consumer marketplace.  That said, they do work with a variety of online retailers, which means you don’t have to beg your favorite executive chef to place an order on your behalf. There’s an elegant simplicity to Matfer Bourgeat designs, but don’t think that makes them any less valuable.  A seasoned chef will understand immediately why this brand is held in such high esteem.  Their pots, pans, and bakeware are made with an outer layer of solid copper and an inner lining in stainless steel or tin, although some of their offerings are solid copper, through and through.

how is matfer bourgeat cookware made

While many will say 3-ply, 5-ply, and even 7-ply layering infers much greater benefits, Matfer Bourgeat keeps it simple with 1-2 layers of metal that get the job done admirably with far less fuss, and more importantly for any chef in a busy kitchen, significantly less weight.  When you’re swirling sauce pans or flipping sautéed veggies for eight hours a day, you’ll understand the difference a few ounces can make.  True, the average at-home cook won’t have this problem, but it’s important to understand that more isn’t always better – sometimes it’s just more. The combination of copper and stainless steel is a marriage made in heaven where cooks are concerned, thanks to optimal thermal conductivity paired with a nonreactive, easy-to-clean cooking surface.  Sturdy, cast iron handles finish off more robust pieces of cookware.

French Cooking

With performance designed for use in high-end commercial kitchens, you don’t even need to question the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use these exceptional pots and pans at home.  They’re quick to heat and offer incredible efficiency, allowing you to cook like a pro, in essence.  Stainless steel won’t transfer flavor to your food and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

matfer copper cookware

Pots and pans feature straight overturn, non-drip edges for easy pouring and some saucepans even have built-in spouts.  Handles are ergonomically designed for stability and easy grip, even if you’re grabbing with mitts on your hands.  Safety and function top the list of priorities at Matfer Bourgeat, and it shows in their austere, efficient, and purposeful designs.

custom copper cookware

As you may imagine, the price of this prestigious cookware is not for the faint of heart.  Considering the elite clientele, it’s no surprise.  Still, it can be had if you’re ready to make an investment in practical, quality cookware that’s built to hold up to intensive use and still last a lifetime.

1.25-quart copper sauce pan will cost you just over $300, while the 6 3/8-quart model goes for nearly $500.  As for an 8-piece copper cookware set, including a sauce pan, sauté pan, casserole dish, and brazier, plus lids, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,750.

Mauviel Copper Cookware Reviews

Mauviel was established by Ernest Mauviel in 1830, in the Normandy village of Villedieu-les-Poêles, an area with a rich history of copper manufacturing dating back 800 years.  This heritage, handed down from one generation to the next, is the basis upon which Mauviel has built a reputation for excellence in quality and design.

With hundreds of products in copper, stainless steel, and aluminum, Mauviel has long attracted the attention of professional chefs, perhaps most notably, Julia Child.  Today, their products are available for the consumer marketplace, as well.  Whether you’re a highly-trained working chef or an aspiring gourmand, you’ll surely be drawn to the combination of practical design and elegant style.  Put simply, Mauviel is made for people who love to cook.

french cookware history

Mauviel’s copper cookware is exemplified in their M’Heritage line of copper and stainless steel pots and pans.  Like their countrymen from Matfer Bourgeat, Mauviel relies on simple, 2-ply construction, consisting of 90% solid copper bonded to 18/10 stainless steel, with pans ranging from 1.5-2.5mm in thickness.  Only the roasting pans feature tri-ply construction with a polished copper exterior, aluminum core, and 18/10 stainless steel interior, ostensibly for better heat distribution and retention.

Proudly Made in France since 1830

Nonreactive stainless steel is ideal for cooking surfaces, preserving the taste and nutritional value of food, while offering ease of cleaning.  Plus, resilient stainless steel will never have to undergo re-tinning.  As for the thick copper outer surface, it’s intended to deliver immediate, uniform, and sustained heating to the interior cooking surface, delivering high performance and superior control, which it does with aplomb.  Bronze handles complete the package in a complementary metallic hue.

how is mauviel cookware made?

To be honest, you won’t get a lot of extra bells and whistles with Mauviel cookware – it’s pretty straightforward.  It works on gas, electric, and halogen cooktops, as well as in the oven.  Although pure copper doesn’t lend itself to induction cooking, Mauviel does offer a separate induction stovetop interface disc.


There are no fancy edges for drip-free pouring, no ergonomic, non-slip handles.  These pieces are meant to be workhorses, and they’ll heat quickly, cook at lower temperatures, and deliver the performance you need to craft professional level meals every night.

best value cookwares

Mauviel has been around long enough to know its own value, so don’t be shocked to discover that a single piece of this cookware could cost you as much as a whole set from another brand.  The low end is a 6.3-inch round pan (no lid) priced at $150.  The 8.5-quart, 11-inch stew pot (with lid) will set you back $875.  They do, however, offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects for consumer use products. If you want to learn more about Mauviel, check out David Lebovitz article here. 

best american copper cookware

This American metallurgical company has been around for decades.  Founded in 1967 by metallurgist John Ulam, Clad Metals was an early innovator in the field of superior composite metal products, starting with a patented process for bonding stainless steel and aluminum.  The company would go on to make coinage for the U.S. Mint, eventually playing a role in converting solid silver coins to bonded, layered materials.

us mint history

In 1971, they began producing professional, bonded metal cookware under the name All-Clad Metalcrafters, and earned renown as one of the top producers of high-end cookware in both consumer and commercial markets.  With products made in Pennsylvania from American steel and other metals, this company has left their mark on the worldwide stage, particularly with their tri-ply stainless/aluminum cookware, which is hugely popular among chefs.  What makes their copper cookware so special?

how is all-clad cookware made?

All-Clad Metalcrafters cookware combines a copper core with stainless steel in 5-ply construction that’s built for performance and durability, with a copper core, surrounded by two layers of aluminum, and then two layers of 18/10 stainless steel.  There are several major benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose All-Clad copper cookware, starting with even heat distribution across surfaces, creating a superior cooking experience.  If you’ve ever noticed that one or two steaks in your pan seem to sear more quickly than the others, you know why you need even heat distribution across the cooking surface.

American Metalcrafters

While some cookware brands only place bonded metals on the bottom of the pan to spare weight and expense, others, like All-Clad, run both stainless and aluminum up the sides, as well, for uniform heat distribution.  There are also benefits to be gained from specific layers of metal in this cookware, such as a magnetic stainless steel outer layer that makes pots and pans compatible with induction cooktops.

The 18/10 stainless interior cooking surface won’t react with food, which means you’ll never have to worry about a metallic tang or transfer of flavor from previous culinary exploits.  Then, of course, there’s the distinctive copper band around the bottom of the pan, which offers incredible thermal conduction and precision temperature control.

is all-clad cookware good?

It’s not hard to see why All-Clad is among the most notable brands selling copper cookware today.  Their innovative designs are clearly made with serious chefs in mind, and it shows not only in the thoughtful construction, but the performance you’ll enjoy with every use.

As noted, the five-ply construction, complete with copper banding in the bottom, creates an efficient, high-performance cooking surface that ensures even heating, temperature control, and purity of flavor.  It won’t take long to heat to your desired cooking temperature – just a couple of minutes.  When the edge of the pan feels warm to the touch, you’re ready to go.

In addition, the flared edges make it easy to pour sauces with nary a drip, and stainless handles secured with stainless steel rivets make for sturdy and dependable cookware.  These pots and pans are not only safe on the cooktop, but also in the oven (even the broiler) and the dishwasher, for versatility and convenience.  Could any cook ask for more?

all-clad cookware value

In terms of pricing, let’s just say you definitely get what you pay for.  A 10-piece set of All-Clad Copper Core pots and pans will set you back over $1,800 USD.  However, you have to look at this as an investment that, when properly cared for, will not only last you a lifetime, but get passed on to the next generation of chefs in your family.  That said, the limited lifetime warranty only extends to the original purchaser of the product.

Brooklyn Copper Cookware Brand

Have you ever considered your cookware to be an ingredient in the recipes you create?  If not, prepare to be amazed, because that’s the approach Brooklyn Copper Cookware (BCC) takes when designing the pots and pans that touch your food.  The company started back in 2009 with the goal of creating superior copper cookware, based on the example of renowned coppersmith operation Bruno Waldow Co.

Although BCC started off with a bang, thanks to a 2011 write-up in the New York Times, they were plagued by problems, not only in production and supply chain, but from a growing mountain of back orders.  Despite this, Brooklyn Copper Cookware persevered, expanding their operation to four states, relaunching in 2015 with new designs, and becoming one of the most desired brands in the copper cookware marketplace, with a growing list of devoted “copperheads” from across the culinary world.

How is brooklyn cookware made?

One of the most notable factors about BCC is the company’s commitment to maintaining a balance of quality and sustainability, and it shows in every product.  For starters, they rely on the purest metals for all of their cookware, including 99.99% pure lab grade tin for interior surfaces, 99.93% pure, phosphorous oxidized copper for the outer surface of pots, and pure iron handles with solid copper rivets for strength and durability.

tin lined cookware

In addition, every product contains 40-75% recycled and purified copper, milled to bond perfectly with the sustainably recycled tin used.  Any new copper used is smelted and milled almost entirely in America.  Of course, should you ever choose to get rid of your copper cookware (unlikely as it may be), you’ll be glad to learn that BCC products are 100% recyclable.

Simply the finest

Now you know what it’s made of, but how is it put together?  With expert craftsmanship.  Designs are hand drawn and modeled in clay to create a masterpiece before production even begins.  From there, every pot and pan is spun from heavy copper and wipe-laid with pure tin by hand.  Between coppersmiths, tinsmiths, and ironsmiths, each product that comes out of BCC requires 8-11 hours of handcrafting to complete.

brooklyn cookware performance

Obviously, a lot goes into the creation of BCC products, but how does that translate to your kitchen?  Let’s start with flavor.  The use of pure tin on the cooking surface is not an accident – this metal is inert, both chemically and molecularly.  You know the metallic taste in your water when you use cheap metal water bottles?  You’ll never have that problem with a pure tin cooking surface, as no flavor or VOCs will permeate your food.

The copper on the outside of each BCC product was designed specifically to provide the best possible cooking controls – it’s 25 times more thermally efficient than stainless steel.  BCC uses .090-.125 thickness raw copper sheet to ensure ideal thermal conductivity.  If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by charring a pork chop you were trying to brown, you’ll find that precision temperature control makes a world of difference, as evidenced by the thermal properties of BCC pots and pans.

USA made cookware

While BBC products offer simple, sleek designs, their modest appearance belies master craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail.  As such, you won’t be surprised to find that this cookware doesn’t come cheap.  A small, 1-quart sauce pan will cost you $210, while the massive, 14-quart stock pot will set you back $1,040.  The good news is, you don’t have to buy a whole set all at once – you can just get the pots and pans you know you’ll use.

As a side note, BCC takes their commitment to sustainability a step further by offering evaluation and restoration services for copper cookware, whether they made it or not.  Bring in copper cookware from any manufacturer and they’ll inspect and clean it, and if necessary, strip, mask, re-tin, polish, and detail it to return it to like-new condition.

Silver Lined Cookware

Founder and craftsman Jim Hamann started out restoring vintage copper cookware, and his admiration for hand-crafted products of old – featuring thick, solid metal; sturdy, riveted handles; and lasting utility – convinced him to start making heirloom quality, hand-crafted pieces of his own.  This was the beginning of Duparquet, where products are manufactured by master craftsman under one roof, from spinning copper, to riveting handles, to tinning cooking surfaces, to final polishing.

Hamann’s philosophy of crafting copper cookware revolves around two key concerns: technical and aesthetic performance.  Every hand-crafted pot and pan must, first and foremost, provide the superior heat conductivity and uniformly heated cooking surface that all chefs, amateur or professional, require for flawless cooking.  The aesthetics are a little trickier, but they have something to do with the visual warmth copper brings to a kitchen, as well as the remarkable way truly exceptional cookware connects users to the act of cooking, enhancing their awareness and appreciation of this daily activity.

how cookware is made

Duparquet pots and pans are made by spinning copper on a lathe while a craftsman manipulates the piece with friction tools or rollers, generating the perfect shape and thickness.  When a piece is formed to perfection, a cast iron handle (or brass, for smaller pans) is attached with oversized rivets for sturdy and long-lasting function.  This is followed by hand-lining the interior with tin, and finally, polishing the entire piece to a high shine.  In some cases, silver lining is also an option.

Rocket Scientist turned coppersmith

You might naturally worry that hand-crafted copper will feature inconsistencies that could lead to uneven cooking surfaces, but Duparquet takes pride in delivering expertly crafted pots and pans that meet the needs of modern cooks in both residential and commercial kitchen settings.  Highly-conductive copper ensures you’ll never have to worry about hot spots in the pan, and tin is the closest you’ll get to non-stick without some kind of chemical coating.

non stick cookware

Cast iron handles are meant to reduce the risk of burns.  Since cast iron is not a good heat conductor, handles stay cooler than other metals.  Oversized rivets will stay in place, unlike small rivets that could loosen as you shake, lift, carry, and tip pots to pour.

USA made copper cookware

Hand-crafted goods are becoming a lost art these days, and rarity always holds value.  So, what will high-end, Duparquet copper cookware cost you?  A 6-inch egg pan goes for $160, a 5.5-inch sauce pan costs $290, an 11.5-inch fry pan has a price tag of $325, and a 12.5-inch sauté pan will set you back $650 (all with lids sold separately).

There are no sets, which is sort of a blessing.  You can simply purchase the pieces you’ll use most and forego the rest.  Every piece of copper cookware comes with a lifetime warranty, and when re-tinning is necessary (recommended every 10-20 years, based on wear), Duparquet will happily refurbish and repair copper pots and pans with a 2-week turnaround.

Italian copper Cookware

Founded by Carlo Lagostina and his son, Emilio, in Omegna Italy in 1901, Lagostina started out offering tinplate cookware designed and rendered with immaculate Italian craftsmanship.  Over the decades, the company has expanded to include new materials and adopt innovations in cookware, helping Lagostina to become a household name in the high-end cookware community.

In 1934, their Casa Mia cookware collection became the first to offer pots and pans in stainless steel,and they eventually developed the Martellata line of hammered copper cookware, featuring a design that pairs old-world craftsmanship with modern cooking technology.  Lagostina Martellata offers breathtaking, high performance copper cookware that looks and works equally well in commercial and residential kitchen settings.

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Billed as “Italy’s preferred premium cookware brand”, it’s hard to argue with the elegant design, expert craftsmanship, quality materials, and technological innovations that have made Lagostina the brand it is today, more than 100 years after it was founded.

The hammered copper exterior is uniquely suited to rapid thermal conductivity.  Copper, in and of itself, offers superior thermal conductivity over some other metals, and is renowned for even heat distribution, but the addition of hammered detailing takes these desirable traits to the next level, making hammered copper cookware the premier choice for anyone serious about precision tempering of sauces or delicate recipes.

Italian Excellence

Lagostina Martellata copper pans also feature tri-ply clad construction, including a solid copper exterior, a thick aluminum core designed to radiate heat, and an interior cooking surface in high-grade stainless steel to preserve the purity of flavor, no matter what you cook.  Don’t want the lingering flavor of fried fish when you sear your next steak?  No worries.

You’ll enjoy pans that heat and cool quickly, thanks to the copper exterior, but maintain even heating over the entire cooking surface due to the combination of layered metals.  In addition, handles are made of cast stainless that are riveted to pans for stability and durability.  Stainless steel is slow to heat, but if handles are exposed to open flame on the stovetop or you put your cookware in the oven, they will get dangerously hot.

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Lagostina Martellata pots and pans are engineered with practical considerations in mind.  For example, skillets feature a generous cooking surface accentuated by curvature to create the ideal conditions for cooking eggs or sautéing.  Saucepans incorporate flared edges to ensure dripless pouring.

Plus, all of their copper cookware is oven safe to 500°F, so you can easily transition from cooktop to oven when recipes call for it.  Whether you swear by an oven-baked frittata, you’re squarely in the stovetop camp, or you like to mix it up with a bit of both, you’ll have your heart’s desire with these gorgeous copper pots and pans.

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It’s important to remember that copper cookware is designed to quickly and evenly distribute heat, which makes it highly efficient.  As a result, you can cook nearly anything at lower-than-usual temperatures (low instead of medium, for example) and finish cooking more quickly.  With a bit of trial and error, you’ll soon get the hang of copper cookware, and save on energy or gas in the process.

Technically, this cookware is also dishwasher safe, but the manufacturer warns that detergent may dull the finish, and considering how attractive gleaming copper is, you’ll probably want to wash with simple dish soap.

Lagostina cookware is available from a variety of retailers, and you’re sure to appreciate the price point, which is considerably lower than some other manufacturers producing items of similar quality.  While the 10-piece cookware set has a suggested retail price of $799.99, you can find it listed for as low as $499.99 if you do a bit of comparison shopping.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy