Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2020

To begin this new decade on a high note, many people are eager to modernize their outdated homes with features that combine beauty, functionality, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a few redecorating ideas, or you want to completely renovate your living space, here are some of the trendiest ideas predicted to become iconic looks of 2020:

10. Chic Countryside Coziness

The “modern farmhouse” look became one of the most iconic styles of the 2010s, and most interior design experts agree that the trend isn’t going anywhere. Kai Chow, the creative director at Doneger, explains that the 2020 countryside trend will be “all about mixing patterns, antique with new decor as well as paying homage to the countryside with botanicals and muted primary tones.” Another major trend, discovered in a Meyers Research survey of over 25,000 homebuyers, found that 30% of buyers want a farmhouse sink; and they’re willing to pay an average of $500 extra to have one. Coppersmith offers a stunning lineup of these sinks as well as a wide selection of finish options to promote color maintenance. 

9. Sustainable Materials

“We need to stop thinking about sustainability as a trend and approach it as an expectation and a demand from the consumer—an intrinsic requirement at all levels of the market,” states Gemma Riberti, the head of interiors at WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors. She says that upcycling homewares, purchasing second-hand furniture, and choosing items made of recycled materials is already gaining traction. For instance, rugs made from plastic bottles, furniture made by locally-sourced materials, and recycled heavy-gauge copper tables can give your home a lovely, unique touch in an eco-friendly way.

8. Warm Colors and Bright Accents

Goodbye, pale beige walls and all-white kitchens! Neutral colors are expected to be replaced with warm colors, including earthy greens, soft peach hues, and vibrant jewel tones. Designers are seeing more pops of color in all areas of the home, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom.  Christiana Coop, the co-founder of Hygge & West, explains that “Tiles, cabinetry, and walls all serve as opportunities for more color.”

7. Curated Kitchens

The 2010s were all about sleek kitchens with hidden shelving and minimal “clutter.” This year, design director at British Standard and Plain English, Merlin Wright, has observed that many homeowners are now rejecting this industrial style in favor of a more curated, personal look. “We are moving away from hiding everything away in cupboards, instead drawing inspiration from displays of china and silverware in glazed cabinets and on shelving, racks and dressers of grand houses – the end result sitting between the maximalist and minimalist styles,” Wright explains. This style doesn’t have to look cluttered or take up more space either—you can try experimenting with hanging accessories, such as potted plants or metallic cookware to achieve a unique, personal feel.

6. Freestanding Bathtubs

Unique freestanding tubs continue to be a popular item on homebuyers’ wishlists, according to Kate Bailey, the director of showrooms of Ferguson Bath. Bathtubs made of natural materials, including stone, copper, marble, and concrete, are some of the most sought-after styles. They instantly give your bathroom a refined, elegant look with little effort. Bailey says that customizability is another added perk: “Manufacturers are beginning to offer unique sizes and designs, so homeowners can find a style that fits their layout and décor.” Because of this, Coppersmith offers a selection of custom tubs to align with any particular taste or design. 

5. Retro Patterns

2020 is taking plenty of style and design tips from the ‘70s, according to Hebe Hatton, a writer for She expects to see a modernized version of the retro style, complete with a rise of orange and yellow hues, bold animal prints, and plenty of geometric motifs. This updated interior design trend is also known as “neo-Deco,” as it appears to be a fresh take on the sharp angles and traditional colors of the Art Deco style. Like Coppersmith, this refurbished approach to a historical design trend also places a stronger emphasis on fine materials, including, of course, metals and metallic finishes.

4. Influences From Nature

Biophilia, a new trend that effortlessly fuses human design and natural elements, is defined by organic shapes, botanical prints, lovely wood grains, and delicate floral motifs. Nancy Fire, creative director of Design Works International, insists that the nature-infused style will become popular in several areas of the home, from lighting fixtures to bedroom decorations. “Look for organic structures in lighting with creative bases like metal and/or wood,” says Fire. “Tinted glass in handblown style allows imperfect shapes to take center stage, and organic substrates like rope, raffia, twine, and string are important because they bring a natural vibe into any interior space.”

3. Two-Toned Kitchens

According to John McDonald, the founder and CEO of Semihandmade, is pleased to see the beloved all-white kitchen trend slowly fading away. He says that clients are now choosing to incorporate more colors into their kitchen and dining spaces again with two-tone cabinets or brightly-colored kitchen islands. For instance, McDonald has seen kitchens with a dark base color for lower cabinets and a bright or neutral tone for the upper cabinets, and kitchens that effortlessly blend wood features with pops of color. Mixing copper or other metals into the look of a kitchen will also achieve a two-toned style, especially if used as accents against a solid color.

2. Organized Storage Spaces

“Having a utility room has become a status symbol,” Merlin Wright says. Functional rooms, such as pantries, boot rooms, and utility rooms, are quickly becoming some of the most-wished-for features of new homebuyers. People desire to have a designated space where everyday essentials can be easily organized and stored away from the main living areas. When more of the functional items in the home have their own space, it’s easier to hone in on the design in the rest of the rooms in the house without worrying about storage, clutter, or things constantly being added and removed.

1. Mixed Metals

Metals will dominate in every interior design trend of 2020. Gold, silver, copper, and tin will be delightfully mixed and matched to complement earthy tones in bedrooms and neutral hues in bathrooms. Silver and brown metals, like iron and bronze, will be a popular mix, and tin backsplashes will become a popular option for kitchen remodels. Just don’t try to mix more than three metals in one room, as it may start to look a little overwhelming!

Ready to start planning your new home designs? Consider embracing these modern trends and check out CopperSmith’s lineup of gorgeous freestanding bathtubs, farmhouse sinks, recycled copper tables, and other artfully crafted items to turn your house into a unique home.

February 18, 2020