Different Types Of Copper Range Hoods

Copper range hoods can look terrific in any kitchen, from a modern space to a more modern d├ęcor. Copper range hoods are also an ideal choice for any kitchen because they can stand up to the rigors of heat and moisture since copper is corrosion-resistant as well as antimicrobial and mold-resistant. Designed to last, copper range hoods can look great for years.

Copper range hoods also come in a variety of styles, including:


These are mounted to the wall and go to the ceiling without the need for an extra chimney. Among the most popular types of range hoods, they do not touch upper cabinets but can be installed between two upper cabinets, making them a flexible choice. With an additional chimney, they can even work with very high ceilings. Freestanding range hoods curve slightly, meaning they may show a space between the range hood and the cabinet.

You may want to add some decorative tiling or color behind the range hood for this reason. Alternatively, you may choose other style options to address this gap between the cabinets and range hood.

Flush mount

This type of copper range hood is mounted between two upper cabinets or directly under a cabinet. These range hoods are vented out the wall or the cabinets. Unlike freestanding range hoods, they do not show any space between the range hood and the cabinet, which for some homeowners is a more attractive look. Since flush mount range hoods are installed between cabinets, they tend to be smaller than freestanding range hoods, which can be more appealing and budget-friendly for some homes.

Island mount

Island range hoods are in the center of the kitchen, usually over a kitchen island. If you have a ceiling vent or are willing to vent through ducts that run across the ceiling and out the wall, island range hoods can be a good choice. This style of range hood is most dramatic and flexible. You can choose an array of styles, and the range hoods can look more attractive because they have four sides rather than the typical three. Also, copper island range hoods tend to be larger, which draws the eye to the center of the kitchen.

Making the decision to makeover a kitchen is a big undertaking. Copper range hoods are anti-corrosion, antimicrobial, and mold resistant, making them perfect for the heat and moisture in most kitchens. Also, copper range hoods look as stunning as copper pots and pans. They are simply more sturdy and can create an even better look in your kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, visit CopperSmith to take a look at the full range of styles available. If you would like to create a unique look for your home, personalized options may be right for you. Visit the CopperSmith website to see how you can design your one-of-a-kind copper range hood.

October 31, 2016