4 Copper Farmhouse Sinks you Must See!

4 Copper Farmhouse Sinks You Must See!

A kitchen sink can be a humble little side note or the grand centerpiece of the room, depending on the homeowner’s style and preferences. Copper sinks offer an aesthetic that is simultaneously charming and elegant. These fixtures are soaring in popularity for many good reasons. 

With a variety of finishes, mounting styles, sizes, and designs, copper farmhouse sinks are as versatile as they are beautiful. Here are four stunning copper farmhouse sinks that we think you’ll love!

1. Recessed Farmhouse Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink in Copper

recessed copper sink


One of the most prized features of modern copper sinks is their ability to be customized to suit any kitchen anywhere, no matter what the room's colors, style, or design entail. This copper sink is designed so that when installed, the rim will sit under the edge of the countertop.

An undermount sink like this offers a modern, sleek look to this kitchen that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space. The finish makes the classic copper sink even more seamless, which matches the drawers and woodwork that flank the sink on either side.

The addition of the copper sink to this kitchen reflects an earthy design with natural materials. This includes the gorgeous black marble countertop and the natural stone pillar in the room. The textured apron of the sink provides visual interest as its recessed design makes a statement without being overwhelming.

This sink beautifully continues that natural look, and thanks to its hammered finish with a secondary dark tone, it pulls together the entire look of the kitchen, from the cabinetry to the counter to the top of the stone pillar.

Since the room has so many windows and a wall that displays a rich neutral earth tone, it’s evident that the owner of this home wanted to keep the design and materials natural. Copper offers durable beauty that is naturally antimicrobial. 

This kitchen sink is the ideal solution in a naturally beautiful space because it doesn’t detract from the splendor of the view that’s right outside all of the windows. Instead, the sink continues the nature motif to the kitchen, tying everything together nicely.

Even the lights above the sink do an excellent job matching the overall natural theme, and they’re the perfect size to be noticeable without being overbearing or intrusive. When night falls, the lights are ideal for highlighting the beautiful copper sink in a soft, natural white light.

2. Copper Hammered Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

hammered copper sink

Blending form and function never looked as good as it does with this stunning copper farmhouse sink. Noticeable right away is the design on the front apron that depicts a serene nature scene, making the sink a perfect companion piece for the window above it. 

The dark copper sink features the same dark color tone as the frame around the window, which pulls the horizontal counter space together nicely with the vertical wall space. The recessed undermount design of the sink ensures that it’s visibly outstanding without stealing any visual interest away from the window.

This particular copper sink has a hand-hammered texture, which offers a color variety that adds appeal and depth to the area. The hammered texture continues the design flow of the countertops perfectly. Just as the countertops have a variety of colors in an uneven, natural-looking design, so too does the copper sink.  

The counters are also natural, which continues the theme of nature. The choice of granite for these countertops pulls the cabinetry below the sink together with the lighter surfaces in the room, such as the off-white stone subway tiled wall. 

The counter is an excellent choice for pulling off this feat because it contains colors from all other surfaces in the kitchen.

When designing a kitchen, it’s important to ensure that the colors, textures, and materials coordinate. This gives the room a more cohesive look. In this kitchen, all of the main materials are natural: the copper sink, the stone countertops, the wooden cabinetry, and the stone tiles on the wall.

Double bowl farmhouse sinks like this one are handcrafted and truly one-of-a-kind. They are available in a variety of sizes to provide a secure fit with all kitchen countertops, and the drains on these elaborate sinks are sized to fit most standard kitchen plumbing. This proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style in favor of function.

3. A Retro Farmhouse Look with the Single-Bowl Copper Sink

modern copper sink

Initially, many people think of one color when they think of copper: the color of a penny. However, there are more than a dozen finishes for copper farmhouse sinks, which means any kitchen can reap the benefits of these stylish fixtures.

This specific farmhouse sink has a single textured copper basin with an undermount design. As a single-basin farmhouse sink, this is the perfect choice for this particular kitchen, which pays homage to yesteryear with a retro design.

This kitchen is both simple and ornate at the same time, with visually captivating features everywhere you look. The bold copper sink is a stand-out feature, as it is darker than everything else surrounding it. 

Copper sinks are ideal for kitchens with a farmhouse style because they lend a bit of a rustic touch to the space without compromising luxury.

Aside from the premium coordinating faucet, there are no other features of this kitchen that have a similar finish, but this hammered sink still works for one reason: It has a dark color that is similar to the darker stain on the wood floor.

When working with contrasts in interior design, making opposites work well can be tricky. There is a secret to making opposite colors and finishes attract in a space: Pick one feature — a color or a finish — and make sure it coordinates with one other thing in the room.

So here, we see the cabinetry is a gorgeous retro pale blue color. Its matching item is the pale blue bunny that sits near the window. The white counters are balanced by the white window trim. The floor balances the sink, and the dishwasher has the same steel finish as the toaster oven in the corner.

The wall is one of the best we’ve seen! There are various colored bars within the tiles, and each color coordinates with another feature in the kitchen. 

Notice the wooden shelves almost out of frame in the upper right corner. The colored bars on the wall are like small representations of those blocky shelves, making this intricate retro-style kitchen completely modern at the same time.

4. The Premium Copper Farmhouse Workstation Apron Sink

copper workstation sinks

When you have a sink that looks like this in your kitchen, there is little room for doubt regarding what the centerpiece of the room is! This amazing copper workstation sink is far more than your average sink in more ways than one. 

The bright orange copper finish on the interior walls of the basins offers a luxurious brightness that brings out similar tones in the flooring. It gives a nice bright contrast to the otherwise calm, darker tones of the sink’s apron and the dark wood counters.

This copper farmhouse sink’s apron is a showpiece in itself. The design is a work of art, featuring a rustic-looking bear in the woods. 

Not only is this apron magnificent, but it’s made even grander because of the detail of the wood counter that flanks it. If you look at the edges of the counters, they are designed to resemble the natural curves of wood in nature, paying tribute to the trees on the sink apron.

This specific sink has a removable drying rack that doubles as a cutting board ledge. Versatility meets luxury with this sink, which is available in a variety of finishes. 

Copper workstation sinks like this one are popular not only for their beauty and functionality but also for their antimicrobial properties. Those properties are ideal for a sink that doubles as a workstation.

The theme of natural materials extends throughout the kitchen and into the rest of the house. The natural stone flooring is present throughout, and a stunning stone fireplace continues the nature theme into the room's vertical space.

The contrasting darker counters, sink, and floor work especially well with the abundance of natural light filtering through the windows. These dark additions balance the bright white cabinetry and the light cream-colored walls, ensuring this space is neither too light nor too dark as an ensemble. 

This same contrast can be seen in many other instances in the room, too. For example, the light-colored walls contrast perfectly with the bold, dark window and wall trim. 

Likewise, the bright white cabinetry around the sink is offset by the contrasting dark finish of the drawer pulls and cabinet handles.

Finding the Perfect Copper Farmhouse Sink

If you’re considering a copper farmhouse sink for your kitchen, consider one of CopperSmith’s fully customizable options. Sinks are created with either a 14 gauge or 16 gauge thickness. Contact us today to place your order or visit one of our showrooms!

August 11, 2022