5 signs your kitchen needs a range hood

5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Range Hood

A range hood makes for a fantastic addition to any kitchen, providing both functional and visual advantages to improve the cooking process and the look and feel of your household. But is a range hood absolutely necessary for your kitchen?

Here are 5 signs your kitchen and your home can benefit from the addition of a range hood.

Smells are lingering

It’s no secret strong smells can manifest during the cooking process, especially if you cook often and frequently experiment with complex recipes. When smells linger for hours after meal prep, it can become an annoying and unpleasant issue.

Particularly in the open floor plan of many modern homes, it’s not uncommon for odors from the kitchen to make their way into family rooms and bedrooms and to even settle on fabrics like drapes and clothes. A range hood removes these unpleasant odors from your house immediately – long before they have the chance to get comfortable.

Your kitchen is too hot

Heat caused by steam and the cooking process in general can also cause your kitchen to become uncomfortably warm, especially during the hot summer months. If you find yourself noticing your kitchen is consistently warmer than the rest of your house, a range hood can help by ventilating out steam and other factors that increase heat.

Residue is building up on surfaces

Cooking expels a lot of vapors, grease, and other contaminants into the air that can then settle on counters, cabinets, and the range itself. This can wear these surfaces down over time and lead to maintenance and repair costs – and even replacement.

A range hood removes these damaging irritants from the air and can play a key role in preserving the condition of the rest of your kitchen in the long term.

You want to ramp up your décor

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes, and if you’re not satisfied with the way your kitchen looks, it can throw off the rest of your household.

Adding a range hood is one of the most effective ways to provide an aesthetic boost to the space, serving as a focal point in the heart of your home. A copper or stainless steel range hood in your preferred design and installation style can serve as a great complement to your other appliances and kitchen features.

You’re getting more ambitious in your cooking

Range hoods don’t just look great – they also serve an important purpose for anyone looking to spice up their meal prep. Exploring more demanding and complex recipes and preparing larger quantities increases the likelihood of lingering smells (garlic, onions, peppers, etc.), residue buildup, and other issues that can mount without the help of a range hood.

On the flipside, cooking with a range hood frees you up to get creative in the kitchen without worrying about any of these headaches.

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