2017 Copper Design Trends

Copper Design Trends for 2017

Copper is timeless, and the nice thing about having copper products and fixtures in your home is that they pretty much never go out of style. But some copper products can be more in-style than others. What are the big copper design trends for 2017?

The main trend is that copper is in! The value of copper is skyrocketing, and it seems like almost everyone is looking to add a little more copper to their décor. So how are they doing it? What’s the best way to add copper to your home in 2017?

Copper Accents

For many people, the key is to find a way to get a little copper into every room, any way you can. One simple copper accent item can enhance the look of a whole room, whether it’s copper cups in your kitchen, a copper light fixture in your dining room or copper towel rings in your bathroom.

Copper Pendant Lights

Speaking of lighting fixtures, copper pendant lighting is becoming all the range. These suspended drop lights can look great as a set of copper pieces hung in a straight line over a kitchen countertop or dinette set.

Copper Backsplash Murals

Copper backsplash murals are pieces you’ll most commonly find in kitchens and wine cellars, but a creative decorator can put one almost anywhere as a copper piece that draws the eye and that your guests can appreciate both as art and fine metalwork.

Copper Table Tops

A beautiful copper table top in your kitchen or dining room can really get people talking. CopperSmith offers both rectangular and circular copper tabletops in a variety of breathtaking patinas, including Fire, Rustic and Tuscan. These table tops present timeless durability and strength and will no doubt have your guests praising your tastes long after your dinner party is over.

Bringing Copper Into Your Home With Coppersmith

What’s great about copper is how it can offer a classic, vintage feel while still being in style and on trend. CopperSmith has the copper products for you to build the entire décor of your home around, but if you’re looking to get started with just one or two copper pieces, we can help you there, too. Find out what all the excitement is about!

Start with perhaps some decorative copper pulls and hinges and work your way up to items like copper mirrors and copper lighting fixtures. Don’t be surprised if, before long, you’re eyeing copper tubs, copper range hoods or any of our many other high-quality copper products. For more information on how copper can bring new life and excitement to your home, with products that can last virtually a lifetime, Contact us online, call us at 1-88-431-4677 or email us at sales@worldcoppersmith.com!

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