12 kitchen storage solutions designed to save space and keep you organized

12 ways to stay organized in your kitchen

Over the years, we’ve seen many great kitchens go to waste because the owners didn’t have enough storage space to fully take advantage of it – or at least, they didn’t think they did.

Turns out there are tons of savvy ways to make the most of your kitchen space so you can have everything you need on hand, stored neatly and intuitively for easy access. You just need to know how to unlock this potential.

Here are some fantastic kitchen storage tips designed to help you breeze through any and every meal, cleanup, party, and beyond.

Bottle storage

Adding curved cradles to shelves or within cabinetry allows for easy horizontal storage of wine, water, or soda without fear of falling and making a mess or damaging your flooring. This also frees up counter space for various tasks and goes a long way toward doing away with clutter in the kitchen.

Sink workstation

A sink workstation can be a great addition to any kitchen that’s a little short on counter space, providing the utility and versatility of a cutting board, dish rack, strainer, and more – all within your sink unit. This makes room in elsewhere in the kitchen where you’d normally store these items, and serves as a great tool for more complex cooking needs.

Shelf risers

Some kitchens have shelving spaces that are too tall which can leave a lot of unused space from one level to the next. Placing portable shelf risers within your cabinets multiplies storage space by turning one shelf into two and can ensure you’re making the most of your kitchen.

Portable drawers

If you have deep cabinets that don’t have drawers, adding baskets or similar containers to these spaces can provide a great place for linens, spare silverware, and more – without having to break out any tools to install a more permanent solution.

Undermount sink

An undermount sink gets installed underneath the countertop and helps conserve counter space compared to alternative options with a lip or apron, which translates into more storage capability for you. It also simplifies cleaning as any residue and debris can be easily wiped directly from the counter into the sink and down the drain.


The containers items like sugar, flour, pasta, and rice come packaged in are less than ideal for storage once they make their way to your home. Storing these items in clear, stackable bins can make for an easy solution and help remind you when you’re close to running out of anything.

Stow paper towels

Paper towels can take up valuable space on your countertop. Instead, get a paper towel dispenser that can hang from the inside of a cabinet door and you’ll not only save space but you’ll also have easy access to paper towels whenever you need them.

Install a rail

Installing a rail along the wall of your kitchen with hooks on it serves as a great hanging spot for mugs and any other kitchenware with a handle. It can also serve as a drying method for dishes and dishtowels.

Organize your spices

Every good cook needs an array of spices in the kitchen, which can easily become one of the most cluttered conundrums when it comes to storage. Investing in well-organized drawer or cabinet storage for these spices is a major space saver.

You can add a spring-tension curtain rod to your spice cabinet to serve as an additional shelf for smaller spices. If you choose to go the drawer route, get or make a horizontal rack that stores spices in tiered rows for easy access.

Tupperware lid organizer

Yet another frustrating storage challenge, Tupperware lids can easily get mixed up and lost before you even realize it. A lid organizer can keep these all in one place and ensure they take up less space in your cabinets, as well.

Hang a basket

If you come home from the store with a bundle of fresh produce but don’t have any fridge or counter space for it, it can be an issue. Hanging a basket from the ceiling takes care of this issue and also adds some visual interest to your kitchen. You can even do tiered baskets with one on top of the other for added appeal.

Waste no space

There are many spaces in the kitchen prime for storage that we often forget about. From the sides of cabinetry and the wall above the sink to the inside of cabinet doors and the space above windows, take a look at the underutilized space in your kitchen and think of ways to take advantage of it.

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